This is essentially a shoulder-mounted sling shot that shoots large homemade Nerf-type darts.

It can also be used to launch other things like tennis balls, golf balls, tomatoes, apples, and even raw eggs.

This is something I had been working on in the back of my mind for over a year, trying to figure out all the details. For some reason the challenge of making a homemade, self-contained, bungee-powered, multi-ammo launcher was incredibly intriguing to me. I had never seen anything like it, and thought it would make a great experimental project.

The finished product is by no means high-powered like a compressed air- or combustion-fueled cannon, but it still packs a decent punch for what it is, and has turned out to be extremely fun to play with.

Please note that most of the information and details for this project are contained in the photos in the form of notes (the little yellow boxes). If you plan to make one of these, be sure to study all the photos and their notes carefully.

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: Video!

Here's a video showing the Bungee Bazooka in action.

<p>A wonderful toy</p>
hahaha it is still in the planning stage, I might post it. the goal is not to launch it straight at you super fast, just kind of launch it in the air a bit to where you can catch it from a distance.
I saw a customized mini fridge on youtube that robotically launched a cold beer onto the couch when a button commanded it from a remote. hahaha
<p><strong>OHMYGOD! THAT WOULD BE PERFECT FOR MY DAD!</strong></p>
<p>WHAT, Hahahahahahaha</p>
Hahaha I saw that too, it was awesome! I don't know if I can build one like that though...should try to and see what happens...
I like the idea, hope to see you pull it off. Keep me posted, okay?
For sure!
<p>Is the epoxy is a must have?</p>
<p>Oh my gosh, it looks like a K-9 cannon on steroids! I'm so gonna make this. </p>
Great idea. good finish.
<p>How do you make the foam rocket, can you post the link </p>
<p>Step 16 covers the full details of how I made it. Good luck!</p>
<p>nice </p>
<p>How much does this cost?</p>
<p>It depends on what you already have available, but I'd say it could be done for around $50 if you had to buy all the stuff new.</p>
In the main picture what are you shooting at. It looks like a paraglider
<p>It's a small RC plane, about 36 inches wide.</p>
Cool. Wish I had an air field for that
<p>can this thing shoot water balloons? I'm trying to make something similar</p>
No, the barrel is a bit too small. Well, I take that back. I think it would actually work for a small, half-filled balloon. <br><br>It would leave quite a welt though, and wouldn't even pop. Youch!
<p>also, how hard is it to draw it back and lock it in? And do you think speargun surgical tubing should get more range?</p>
<p>My 10 year old son can't draw it back, but my 15 year old nephew can. So I'd say medium pullback difficulty. </p><p>As far as speargun tubing, I don't have any experience with it so I can't say either way.</p>
about that ground to air combat in the video, maybe with some practice vs. womp rats you'd have better luck? I used to bull's-eye womp rats in my t-16 back home. They're not much bigger than 2 meters.
That's impressive. Pretty complicated, but well made.
bravo &quot;seamster&quot; <br>it's very attractive <br>
How hard is it to pull back? I am building a vending machine that launches out a soda to you, using rc parts to trigger it. Do you think a rc car motor could pull it back?
Launches soda at you? Sounds dangerous! <br><br>I don't think an rc car motor has enough torque or power to pull back a bungee cord strong enough to launch a can of soda, no. But I'm not sure how exactly you're attempting this, and with what supplies. I'm interested to see how this all turns out though! Are you going to post this project when it's completed?
This is too awesome - I'm heading to the shop this weekend to build one!
Very very very cool, I like it, might have to make one if I have enough $. Favorited this to come back when I do
haha Loving Bazooka's!
Great work! <br>
This is so going to solve my dogs-barking-at-squirrels-in-trees problem !
...Do you shoot the dog or the squirrel?
Some days that's a toss-up (lol) but we have some really persistent squirrels that have actually come down from the trees and 'knocked' on the storm door when the dogs were inside the house !
We have a window mounted bird feeder and during breakfast the squirrels will come up and hang from it while eating bird seed. The only problem is that we get a nice pretty view of their um.... underside while we are trying to eat. Blech!
I've made many paper rockets like this one, some longer than others. You have given me an idea for a bazooka with a thinner barrel and a single length of tubing attached on both sides that could be hooked to the paper clip. With just a small length of bungee from my backpack, this rocket travels over 5 houses down from mine.
The fins may need to be protected by a cardboard discarding sabot during launch.
Not bad! <br><br>But man . . . that looks like it would do some serious ocular damage!
I've got to make one of these! Judging by the surgical tubing and size of the thing, I can imagine it kicks like a mule when fired and packs one heck of a punch.
Oooooohhhh... a balloon full of paint- paintball bazooka/mortar!
I'm not the only one who thought paintball bazooka then?
have you attempted to shoot a rolled up t-shirt like at sporting events? I am thinking may be cool at the school I teach at in the gym? not to far, not to hard and no FIRE involved.
Shrink wrap the shirt fist.
have a question. if i made these to sell, would you be mad? or even care?
I wouldn't mind one bit. Go for it.
You should change the license on this Instructable if it doesn't matter, it means people know what they can do with it!
Perhaps I will. (But in this case I'm not too worried about it.)
Could this thing shoot t-shirts
I suppose it could, but I would need to make a different sling for it. If I ever get around to trying that, I'll post some info on the results.

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