4 inch PVC coupling
2 in PVC Gaiting gun connector
3/4 in PVC pipe
22 LED Diodes 
1/4 in plywood
2 paper clip 
1 Motor
USB power adapter 
Electric tape
soldering iron

Step 1: Step 1: the Circuit

- Cut out a circular piece of plywood that measures 2 1/8 in in diameter
- Drill 1 hole in the center for the motor and 22 holes surrounding the center where the diodes will be placed
- Connect 2 LEDs in series linking the positive end with one LED to the negative end of the other LED solder the two LED together using the solder and the soldering iron so that you will end up with a total of 11 branches.
- Connect and solder each of the 11 branches in parallel to the power source (USB power adapter)
- Run 2 wires through  the 1 inch PVC pipe 

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