Picture of Candle Craft: How to Make Beautiful Candles
Candle Craft became my obsession when I saw some beautifully crafted candles and I yearned very much to learn the Art of Candle making. Lack of facilities made me ordering a learner's candle making kit online. The starter kit provided some basic materials and photocopied instructions on a bunch of papers (not much of a help). Gathering information from internet and also watching many videos on YouTube, I Improved upon myself in candle craft. I have documented my experiments in candle making and this Instructable is the result of that.

Hope this instructable will be helpful to everyone who are interested in learning Candle Making Craft as a hobby.
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Step 1: Candle Making Starter Kit

Picture of Candle Making Starter Kit
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The candle making starter kit contained the following materials:

  • Three different kind of waxes, two of them marked as 'B' and 'M' in small quantities. No mention of what they meant.
  • Three packets of white powders / crystals. The instructions mentioned that the one marked as "W" is wax whitener, "S" as wax shiner and the last one as wax hardener.
  • Two silicone molds for making flower shaped candles.
  • Two packets of glitters, one golden and another silver colored.
  • Ten packets of different color powders.
  • One bundle of wick.
  • A can of silicone spray, to be used as mold release with silicone molds
  • A packet of aluminium containers for tea-light candles.
  • Few pages of photocopied instructions on candle making with the starter kit.

Since I needed some equipment to start candle making, I bought a small milk cooker to act as a double boiler along with a ladle for melting and pouring wax. I have also bargained a seven-pack spice holder from the kitchen, which will act as double boiler for mixing different colors with wax in small quantities. With these equipment and the material received with the starter kit, I ventured into the candle making process.

Experimented with tea-lights in aluminium containers, made some flower shaped candles with the silicone molds, used spice container to make few pillar candles and even went further with making candles using molds made out of card board containers.

To sum up all about the candle making kit with reference to the included instructions,

  • The wax received in bulk with the kit is Semi Refined Paraffin wax.
  • The wax marked as "B" is Microcrystalline wax.
  • The wax marked as "M" is Fully Refined Paraffin wax.
  • The wax whitener (W) will reduce the yellowness of the wax and make it more clear. It can be used for making white colored candles and added to the molten wax directly at the rate of 1 to 2 grams per 2 to 5 kilos of wax.
  • The wax shiner (S) is a white pigment which will add whiteness and shining to the candle. It is to be used as a paste mixed with coconut oil and added to the molten wax at the rate of 1 to 2 grams per 2 to 5 kilos of wax.
  • The white crystals mentioned as wax hardener are plastic granules with higher melting point. These granules are to be melted separately and added to the melted wax at the rate of 5 grams per kilo of wax. This will increase the hardness of the wax and its melting point.
  • The color powders are to be used as a paste mixed with coconut oil.

As my experiment with the starter kit is over, let us go deeper and discuss about the equipment required, different type of waxes, wick, colors, molds and mold releases. In addition, we will also explore how to make different type of candles and finally will try out some fun projects in candle making.

And lastly, I have also added a Bonus at the end of this Instructable. Check it out...
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AprilD23 months ago


How are you,

Im just wondering what is the best wax to pour into silicon moulds?

I have purchased a number of moulds but unsure what is the best wax to use for these moulds. if you could shed some light for me that would be great

thankyou Kind regards

antoniraj (author)  AprilD23 months ago
you can use any kind of wax (other than gel) in silicon molds. Silicon molds can withstand very high temperatures whereas the boiling temperature of wax is even less than boiling point of water. Make some experiments with different combinations of fully refined and semi refined waxes in a silicon mold. Take out the casting only after the wax is completely cooled.
satoko684 months ago
Definitely a really good instructable :-) I just wanted to mention that some chemicals used as 'fragrances' are quite toxic, even more so if burned or heated. I'd personally stick to essential oils. The same goes for colorants & wicks. Lead can be found in some wicks & wicking materials. Just be careful to research your raw materials before heating anything up as you could be breathing in dangerous toxins. But I must say, I'm in love with all your instructables which involve flower designs. They're all very beautiful!
antoniraj (author)  satoko684 months ago
thank you very much.... this instructable will be incomplete without mentioning all those things involved in candle making. thank you once again for your valuable suggestions and appreciation of my instructables.

What a wonderful instructable...and I don't even like candle making lol. Thanks for sharing this very well done mate.

antoniraj (author)  millenialinmotion5 months ago
thank you millenialinmotion...

Hello Mr. Antoniraj! I stumbled upon your website while I was browsing the Internet for terrace garden ideas. I am happy I did so! Your creations are very impressive. They are so helpful for a novice like me... I ended up reading through most of your website. Many thanks for sharing your expertise with all of us:-)

antoniraj (author)  PriyadharshiniD5 months ago
thank you... I am happy that my instructables are helpful to you
Won't the wig get wet and fire extiguish for illuminated floating candles when place over the water to flat. I would like to know the details from where i can buy metal and silicone moulds and colours for candle
antoniraj (author)  tasneem.motorwala.96 months ago
The floating candles, they will burn as long as the wicks self extinguish... Regarding candle making supplies, please go to these following links. You can find metal and silicone molds as well as other supplies like color and all

you can order online and pay through net banking
Thank you Sir. Can you please provide me the details of shops from where i could buy colours for candle, silicon and metal molds.
This post is awsome. Thank you sir Antoniraj for so much sharing.
I have some questions.
For making coloured candle what type of colour can be added. Like can we use acrylic colours for gel candles??
antoniraj (author)  tasneem.motorwala.96 months ago
thank you.. candle colors are different, they are oil based. you can not use acrylic colors in gel candles. Look at step 5, where I have explained about candle colors and pigments. If you need I can give you the address of sellers in India
selkash1 year ago

Do you sell your handcrafts?They look perfect as souvenirs(^_^)

antoniraj (author)  selkash1 year ago

no, I did these as a hobby. May be I can start a business in future if I get some marketing support.

nice hobby^_^ looking forward to your new creative handcrafts

thank you thank you soo much Very Very good

vahid from iran

antoniraj (author)  vahid nategh1 year ago
thank you... hope you will find this useful
Kurosama1 year ago
Can you explain how to filter the beeswax?
antoniraj (author)  Kurosama1 year ago
You can melt the beeswax in a double boiler and then use a wire-mesh filter ( you can use a tea filter). I am also using the wire-mesh filter for filtering out melted wax from recycled candles
aliafb131 year ago
just AMAZING....
thank you
antoniraj (author)  aliafb131 year ago
you are welcome...
azad4v1 year ago
Very good info & pics
Thank u Sir!
antoniraj (author)  azad4v1 year ago
you are welcome...

Can I have the company details of the silicone you used, so that I may contact them for the same. I live in Lucknow, U.P. - Dr. Amit Bhargava, 9415023226,
antoniraj (author)  chinchin0071 year ago
Actually, the big companies producing silicone products do not sell directly to customers. They sell in bulk only. Every company I tried online are same. then I tried with some vendor in Madurai who deals with these kind of material used for toy making (that is a bit different one I think) and he ordered this one specially for me.

However, you can contact Dow Corning Rep at Mumbai in the address below.. when I contacted earlier they do not have material in stock. Now they may be having them in 5 kg packs. There are many varieties for different applications. Please ask specifically for the application you want to use for.

Dow Corning India Pvy. Ltd,
C-202, Ackruti Corporate Park,
L. B. S. Road, Kanjurmarg-West
Mumbai 400 07

Contact Nos:

General Enquiries:
Phone: +91 22 6694 6868

Business Inquiries:
Toll Free: 000 800 440 1852
WOW!!! You've done an amazing job with this instructible!!! I voted for you in the craft catagory. This is one that I will download for future reference.
antoniraj (author)  HollyHarken1 year ago
thank you so much HollyHarken...
jaxboy1 year ago
Very, very complete 'ible! I've gone to candle supply sites whose business depends on how well they can convince you to make candles, and their 'ibles are not as good as yours! I only have one two-part question. What do you use to make your wicks, and how do you determine how big to make them? The last thing I used was 1 mm waxed lacing cord (to sew leather items with), and braided it with a 3-cord braid. It worked, but it was just a guess. It was just what I had on hand.
antoniraj (author)  jaxboy1 year ago
thank you...

the wicks I use are cotton braided wicks which I bought from a candle supply store, meant for candles only. Some of the pre-tabbed wicks you can see in some of the photographs are bought online for use with containers, Gel wax and tea-lights.

The size of the wick depends on 1. the type of wax being used and 2. the size of the candle. Most sites recommend a burn test to determine the correct size of the wick.

Please go through the information on wick selection at this website. Feel free to comment for any clarification.
Thank you so much!. As was expected, your reply was as complete and useful as your 'ible.
thank you soo much, this might help me someday. are you running candle business or something? that is a whole lot of things there.
antoniraj (author)  zeyanimisbah1 year ago
I am not running a candle business. I just started it as a hobby few months back and learned from scratch. May be I can start a business in the future.
Awesome job! :D
I'm wondering what you'd do with these gazillion candles! These would be enough for years!
antoniraj (author)  Siddharth Jain1 year ago
thank you... children take some of these candles to church.
antoniraj (author)  antoniraj1 year ago
Also I can recycle some of them for new projects...
azharz1 year ago
Great Work, Sir
antoniraj (author)  azharz1 year ago
thank you...
You're Welcome :D
premlatha1 year ago
WOW ....Wat a tutorial ....i have never found such a deep explanation and techniques in a tutorial ...this is great and very useful ...Thanks a lot ...The pics and editing all are so neat ...:)
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