Hey! everyone My name is Steve .

Today i'm going to show you How to make a Carbon Bluetooth Speaker Build as written on the tittle .

It is very interesting subject to work with i've spend many times in research and experiment finally i came with a New Project .

Since , Bluetooth Speaker are very Popular Today

I've been searching a Best Bluetooth Speaker for long year and years .

Finally i made it

Let's Get Started

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Step 1: Features


  • 2 * 15 watt = Total 30 watt of power

Battery Backup

  • 5-6 hours at full volume
  • 10-12 hours at medium volume
<p>Wonderful looking speaker! To everyone commenting on the humming noise: That's caused by ground loop. What you need is a ground loop isolator. There are some modules that have it built in. For example, the CSR8645. Note that it has to be the 12v version. The bluetooth adapter idea used in this speaker build will not work. The ground loop will always be present unfortunately. Great build though!</p>
<p>Hey Steve!</p><p>I was wondering if you have more specific data on the measurements of the enclosure. For example, how deep are the router cuts in the front and rear panel? and what are the dimensions of the seperate panels.</p>
<p>This one looks killer bro. Awesome. Wish I had those wood working stuff. I am still working with lunch boxes. :D <br>You can use ground loop isolators to remove humming noise due to bluetooth. Also the bluetooth receiver which you used doesn't have a stereo output. Even though it has 2 separate channel outputs, both channels mixed inside the board. If you open it you can see it yourself. </p>
hello, nice build. I am also using a Pam board, but I hear a big hum noise when I connect one of the inputs. any ideas what is going wrong? I have a capacitor across the 12v input power...
<p>same issue with my one man </p>
<p>You can use ground loop isolator to remove the humming noise. </p>
Did you solve it?
<p>I haven't built this, but I'd try experimenting w/shielding around saaay the amp...it could be picking up interference maybe?</p>
<p>Has anyone been able to remove the noise/hum?</p>
<p>use an voltage isolator into the bluetooth receiver supply</p>
The speaker looks great, have you figured out how to remove the noise?
<p>no but you can use a capacator to remove a little bit of noise </p>
3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap (Air/Bubble Free) Black Multi sizes<br>
Nice mate, only one drawback, it is not full carbon, it's only a vinyl skin, I use to work with GRP, and I tryed carbon before. And if you would make a carbon one it would worked quite expensive, on materials, like carbon glass fibers sheet, types resins and harders
Exactly. Not carbon fiber, so don't call it carbon.
<p>I love the vinyl skin.</p>
Awesome speaker bro. Great job :)
<p>Very Nice build!</p>
<p>Nice making.</p>
<p>thanks man</p>
Nice build. Finished mine a few weeks ago. I might do an Instructable but I hate typing. Here are a few pics on mine (currently building another two projects).
<p>wow that are impressive </p>
Awesome speakers buddy ....but I have some questions can you please reach me on sharad.shrimali89@gmail.com.....looking forward for your reply
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