Introduction: Cheapest Way to Design a Tshirt

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Few days back my brother in law won a national science fair representing his school. So my wife was looking for something good to give him as a goft for the same. But she din't find anything good to give him. So I chipped in to design a customized Tshirt for him.

Step 1: Looking for the Basic Components

I went online and gathered some images.
1. A 555 schematic
2. A DNA helix
3. Periodic table
4. An image of radiation
5. An image of algae

Step 2: Clubbing Them

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Now the fun part begins. Hopelessly I dont have photoshop or coral draw on my machine. So I took the help from my age old friend, the Powerpoint.
Surprisingly Powerpoint 2010 has most of the features available that I was looking for to design the image.
Created a beaker, a test tube , a warning sign and some funny text.

Step 3: Printing

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Went to my friendly tshirt designing website.
They have a very beautiful interface to design the tshirt.
Just few clicks and you are done. You can upload images or use their predefined images. I used the images I created.
Saved the design and put it to print.

Step 4: Finally

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The tshirt is yet to be delivered! The people at are saying it will reach by saturday or monday. Lets hope my brother in law likes his custom tshirt.

Added the PPT as ible is not allowing me to add the PPTX, if anybody will use it.


Indira93 (author)2016-06-22

For India, Check out

Their design tool is easy to use for Custom T-shirts. I like their T-shirt quality as well.

isha91 (author)2013-05-19 is a Lovely Website. They are wonderful and quick, I got my custom t-shirt  within 3 days, I liked the quality of the T-shirt and printing.

artworker (author)isha912013-05-19

Cool! Nice to hear somebody have use for my ible! Unfortunately can't see your tshirt (may be login required to do the same). You can try taking screenshot and posting it here!

old_alex (author)2013-04-04

Where do they ship to besides India?

artworker (author)old_alex2013-04-04

TshirtLoot ships on india only. You can get many more such websites in you locale who create custom tshirts. You have to do a google to get them.

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