Desde que me mudé a mi casa actual en 1998, usé para las "grandes ocasiones" una parrilla convencional, con techo de ferrocemento en forma de campana, y parrilla que sube y baja colgando de un par de cadenas. Los días ventosos o muy fríos me veía obligado a tapar la carne con bandejas o papeles, para que se cocine más o menos pareja. Como promedio, estimaba en una hora y media el tiempo total, desde que encendía el fuego hasta que la comida estaba sobre la mesa.

Hace dos años mi hijo se compró un "chulengo", y me sorprendió la rapidez con la que hace el asado, y lo bien que le sale. Por lo tanto decidí construirme uno, y acá va la historia de cómo lo hice.


Since I moved to my current home in 1998, I used for "special occasions" a conventional grill, ferro-roofed bell-shaped, and grill up and down hanging from a pair of chains. The very cold or windy days I was obliged to cover the meat with trays or papers, so it cooks more or less even. On average, estimated at one and half hours total time since I started the fire until the food is on the table.

Two years ago my son bought a "chulengo", and I was surprised how quickly it does the roast, and how well it goes. So I decided to build one, and here's the story of how I did.

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a q te refieres con sudacas?? eso es un termino muy despectivo...

rimar2000 (author)  Sephirot-mommy4 months ago

Mommy, ese término es tan despectivo como tú quieras interpretarlo. Para mí no lo es, yo soy sudaca y estoy muy conforme con serlo.

3366carlos1 year ago
Companero, eso esta buenisimo. Yo quisiera tener sus abilidades.
rimar2000 (author)  3366carlos1 year ago
Gracias, Carlos. Creo que cada uno tiene lo suyo, solo hay que hacer lo que a uno le gusta (thank you, Carlos. I think each one has its own, you just have to do what you like).
cjavier192 years ago
Viva el chlengo, el asado y mi país. Como extraño argentina
rimar2000 (author)  cjavier192 years ago
Gracias por tu comentario, Javier. Cuando vengas a la Argentina traé el asado, porque acá está mucho más caro. Genialidades del "modelo nacional y popular"
blackfister2 years ago
exelente trabajo!!!! felicitaciones, muy buen explicado.
un solo detalle si puedo preguntar: el engranaje y el "tornillo" para subir y bajar la parrilla, de que son? bicicleta?
un abrazo grande! ya me dieron ganas de hacerme una!
rimar2000 (author)  blackfister2 years ago
Hola blackfister, gracias por comentar. El reductor está detallado en otro instructable:
Michael19702 years ago
Hello !

Perfect work ! I will build some chulengo here in germany for me and my family !!!

Greeting to you and your familie and much fun with your chulengo !!
rimar2000 (author)  Michael19702 years ago
Thanks, Michael!

Last Friday the old masonry grill was demolished. Having the chulengo, it was not necessary.
misko132 years ago
Es genial, lo tiene todo. Estoy segura de que la gente pagaria por tenerlo!
Mis primos y yo hacemos a menudo carne a la parrilla pero siempre tarda mucho en hacerse. Ahora solo tengo que convencerles de que se pongan a trabajar unos cuantos dias ;D
rimar2000 (author)  misko132 years ago
Gracias misko13 por el comentario. Realmente lleva unos cuantos días hacerlo, por lo menos a mí. Creo que sacando cuentas sale más barato comprarlo, pero si uno evalúa el gusto de ir viendo cómo va tomando forma de a poco, la cosa se balancea un poco.
"...el gusto de ir viendo cómo va tomando forma"  eso no tiene precio!!
l8nite2 years ago
love the adjustable grill and the adjustable legs! can you add a couple more pics of the leg mechanics please
rimar2000 (author)  l8nite2 years ago
OK, I added two photos in step 2. I can't take off the litlle presses to take a better image because they are between the upper and the lower part of the chulengo. Further, it is raining!
Thank you Rimar ! They actually help me understand a lot better, there is a lot of work in just those 2 clamps. Most people would just drill some holes and use a bolt to "adjust" the legs but yours are infinitely adjustable, great idea for what is a small detail
fantastic as usual, I made one similar a couple years back but outfitted it with a section for charcoal/wood and a section for propane. My new one will be constructed with a large stainless steel float drum i found. Much thicker and quite a bit larger. What really made me smile was your screw mechanism for raising the grill. "I was going to put in a blurb about using galvanized metal in your construction however you are not welding, brazing or melting the steel. So in theory should be safe. However if galvanized steel is welded, ensure you have a respirator rated for it. Zinc Fume Fever is nasty, you'll be sick for several days. Neurological long term effects are still being evaluated though and looks like it does have long term health implications." Either way, the heat your Barbecue produces is too low to cause any health effects
rimar2000 (author)  iminthebathroom2 years ago
Thanks for your comment!

It is not galvanized, is painted with high temp aluminum paint. Anyway, your advice regarding zinc fumes is very useful.
Oh, no I meant the flat section you used on the rim of the door, thought i read it was galvanized strips, my mistake. I have to admit, i have welded galvanized steel many of the times in the past, just always with a strong wind. Either way no issue for your application, once again, awesome!!!
rimar2000 (author)  iminthebathroom2 years ago
Oh yes, I forgot those strips, that are galvanized. But the heat barely warms them.
Tuerto2 years ago
Te felicito por difundir el chulengo, ando con ganas de hacerme uno. Saludos!!
rimar2000 (author)  Tuerto2 years ago
Gracias, pero creo que ya se usa por todo el mundo.

Hacelo, pero que no te pase como a mí, que creía que lo iba a hacer en dos o tres días, y fueron más de tres semanas.
manimal_b2 years ago
Impresionante trabajo. Mis felicitaciones.
rimar2000 (author)  manimal_b2 years ago
Muchas gracias!

En realidad lo comencé pensando que sería tarea de menos de 5 días, pero fueron tres semanas. Como siempre, bah...
Wow that looks great! A very ingenious design.
rimar2000 (author)  electronixTech2 years ago
Thanks for your kind comment.
vlezcano2 years ago
Me quito el sombrero ante usted. No es dl más bonito, pero si es el más funcional BBQ que he visto en Instructables. Acá en mi país nada más se ven los BBQ estilo americano, pero usted me ha dado la idea para hacer unos mucho mejores que cualquiera que se venda acá. Gracias
rimar2000 (author)  vlezcano2 years ago
Gracias a ti por tu amable comentario. Acá también hay chulengos muy baratos, por menos de 100 U$S, pero yo me dije "ya que me pongo a hacerlo, trataré de hacerlo como a mí me gusta".

Thank you for your kind comment. Here too there are very cheap chulengos, less than 100 U$S, but I said "because I get to do it, will try to do as I like."
Valvulin2 years ago
Excelente trabajo y el relato del mismo impecable, asi dan ganas de armar uno enseguida.. Además buenisimo encontrar articulos en Español, y aún mejor cuando son de la tierra del Asado..

Un abrazo y gracias x tu aporte a la comunidad de Instructables..
rimar2000 (author)  Valvulin2 years ago
Gracias, Valvulín. La verdad es que me divierto mucho, no solo haciendo mis cosas sino publicándolas en Instructables. Un abrazo.

(Thanks, Valvulín. The truth is that I enjoy very much, not just doing my things, but posting them on Instructables. A hug.)
britman2 years ago
This is how we used to make them in the military . But we would just weld 4 legs on and use metal mesh for the grill . Plus its a cheap way to get a great grill . Plus if you dont like the look of it paint it with high heat paint
rimar2000 (author)  britman2 years ago
Yes, I have seen some chulengos made as you say. They are very cheap (less than 100 U$S). Thanks for your comment.
don346852 years ago
Thank you for an excellent Instructable - your grill looks great and seems to work really well too. I especially like the ability to raise and lower the food. Hope you cleaned the barrel carefully to remove the oil residue.

Gracias por una excelente Instructable - su parrilla se ve muy bien y parece que funciona muy bien también. Me gusta especialmente la capacidad de subir y bajar la comida. Espero que limpiar el cañón con cuidado para eliminar los residuos de aceite.
rimar2000 (author)  don346852 years ago
Yes, I cleaned the inner of the drum with detergent before paint it. Now I added the matter to step 20.

Thanks for your comment!
steve50062 years ago
I would caution everyone attempting this project to be very careful as to the source of the oil drum and possibly consider trying to clean the drum prior to cutting. There was an explosion at a high school near me from a project similar to this one. I would hate to see anyone else injured in this way
rimar2000 (author)  steve50062 years ago
WOW, I forget that step! Thanks for remember it.

Yes, I cleaned the inner of the drum with detergent before paint it. Now I wil add the matter
INTHERMA2 years ago
Estoy apunto de comenzar este proyecto, las ideas y hechos que da son excelentes. ¡Muchas gracias!

I'm about to start this project, ideas & facts given are excellent. Thank you very much!
rimar2000 (author)  INTHERMA2 years ago
Gracias por tu comentario! (Thanks for your commentI!).
pfred22 years ago
If the oil you got out of your barrel is "detergent" oil do not use it for anything but crankcase oil. Detergent oil is hygroscopic, that means it attracts water or moisture out of the air. Crankcase oil is like that so your engine can flash any water off in the combustion chamber when it runs. You use that oil on anything else and the attracted water just lays on it. I know detergent oil looks like any other kind of oil, it even kind of works like it too. But it doesn't act like it when it sits around on stuff! You end up rusting whatever you use detergent oil on eventually.

I stopped using it myself after I saw it make water droplets on my milling machine table. Seeing is believing, I've seen it, so believe me!
rimar2000 (author)  pfred22 years ago
WOW, I did not know that! Thanks for the advice, I will ask the person who sold me the empty drum, maybe he remember.
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