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Introduction: Clubhouse - Fort - Castle - No Adults Allowed!!

Since I was a kid a long long time ago I always had a fascination with building fortes and club houses.  Whether it was out of pillows or cardboard i used whatever was at my disposal.  Now that I have more resources available than just pillows and blankets I decided it was an opportune moment in my life to build a real one for my kids.

I have never built a structure in my life but I started out with 4 4x4 by 16' redwood posts and several bags of quikrete and I was launched past the point of no return.  I scoured the internet and got my general ideas laid out in my head much of the design work I owe to Barbara Butler.  I was consumed for the next several months to building the club house of my dreams.  I have never been so happy in my life building this project.


Structure Base is 5' x 5'
Total Height 17' Appox
Wood - All Redwood
Tubular Slide
Stainless Steel Firepole
Rock Climbing Wall on the back of the structure
Tire Swing
2 Regular Swings
On secret escape door in the back.

Here are the pictures of my work. 

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    6 Questions

    I just started building my version with two bridges. How high is the bridge (from ground to bottom of 2x6?) and how tall is the tube slide? Nice work btw!

    Rob, this is amazing! I know you haven't been able to produce blueprints, but I did have a few questions:

    1. Any guidance on how much lumber went into the project? How were you able to source the redwood?

    2. How did you stain/paint the wood?

    3. Do you suggest any books/guides for framing? I'm a building novice and the part that I'm most concerned about is using the right hardware (like screws, bolts and brackets) and forming the right joints for the deck.

    Really great work, thank you!


    Do you have a blueprint? I'd love to build this;)

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    If enough people want blue prints for the playhouse just post and I will create some for your guys. :)

    I would love to be able to build this...Can you please send me the blueprints?

    Thank you in advance! My boys thank you as well!


    Could you pleased send me a copy of these plans. Great job.


    Plans would be amazing :D

    Did you ever make blueprints? We'd love them!

    What a great fort, I'm sure the kids loved it! I would definitely love blueprints if you can put them together.



    Yes I would love the blueprints please and thank you ?

    Yes, please! I would love to have the plans! Thank you!

    I don't have plans yet since I did this without them. But I will figure out how to make them.

    Give me a couple of months. :)

    Amazing fort!! Anyway you could shoot me the blueprints? My son and I would greatly appreciate it!! Sooooo cool !!!!

    I thought it would be easy to make plans but I don't have the know how on where to begin. If you have questions feel free to ping me.

    I would be very interested in the plans if you have them available, please send to

    Can anyone send me the blueprints?

    would love to get plans for my 2 boys

    Hi, you've made an awesome fort playhouse!

    I'm planning to make one for my daughter this summer. Could you please kindly send me the plan? my email is

    Thank you very much!! :D

    Do you have plans for this?
    Please email me