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Introduction: Clubhouse - Fort - Castle - No Adults Allowed!!

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Since I was a kid a long long time ago I always had a fascination with building fortes and club houses.  Whether it was out of pillows or cardboard i used whatever was at my disposal.  Now that I have more resources available than just pillows and blankets I decided it was an opportune moment in my life to build a real one for my kids.

I have never built a structure in my life but I started out with 4 4x4 by 16' redwood posts and several bags of quikrete and I was launched past the point of no return.  I scoured the internet and got my general ideas laid out in my head much of the design work I owe to Barbara Butler.  I was consumed for the next several months to building the club house of my dreams.  I have never been so happy in my life building this project.


Structure Base is 5' x 5'
Total Height 17' Appox
Wood - All Redwood
Tubular Slide
Stainless Steel Firepole
Rock Climbing Wall on the back of the structure
Tire Swing
2 Regular Swings
On secret escape door in the back.

Here are the pictures of my work. 



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    Amazing fort!! Anyway you could shoot me the blueprints? My son and I would greatly appreciate it!! Sooooo cool !!!!

    I thought it would be easy to make plans but I don't have the know how on where to begin. If you have questions feel free to ping me.

    I would be very interested in the plans if you have them available, please send to

    Can anyone send me the blueprints?

    Do you have a blueprint? I'd love to build this;)

    If enough people want blue prints for the playhouse just post and I will create some for your guys. :)

    I would love to be able to build this...Can you please send me the blueprints?

    Thank you in advance! My boys thank you as well!


    Could you pleased send me a copy of these plans. Great job.


    Plans would be amazing :D