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I turn a ring from a box of colored pencils. 12 pencils glued into a blank an then turned on the lathe.
The outcome is striking! Finished with spray lacquer.

Ring sizing to bit size for inside diameter:


lgettings (author)2014-05-15

I love this! Watching your video made me remember how much I enjoy making things. Need to break out my tools again. Thanks!

kludge77 (author)lgettings2014-05-16

Then it was all worth it! Seriously, go spend a little time making something!

Tazmjm69 (author)2014-05-12

That is one of the coolest, simplest woodworking projects I've seen. Great job!

kludge77 (author)Tazmjm692014-05-12


Phantomjerret (author)2017-04-24

Loved it!

badwhiskey (author)2016-06-10

Yo, its you're old buddy badwhiskey. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to pick up a ton of colored pencils this weekend and make some blanks. I think I'm going to try bottle stoppers with them.

kludge77 (author)badwhiskey2016-06-13

Good luck dude! I'll jump over to woodnet and see if you had any success!

LaraS18 (author)2016-05-01

I want one!! Do you make them to order??
Love it!

Simran Sharma (author)2016-01-28

beautiful ring

Jackrabbit1399 (author)2015-10-12

im making this ring for my brothers girlfriend but she has tiny fingers would these steps still work as far as getting all the colors in the ring?

buck2217 (author)2015-06-25

I am going to have to have a go at this so cool

NeoNeodym (author)2015-01-14

I wish I had the equipment and space to make this! I'm living in a cheap one bedroom apartment at the moment but only to better save up to build a tiny home and I would love to make cabinet and drawer handles (I imagine it would work) out of a good set of artistic graphite pencils.

Mr AbAk (author)2015-01-13

Nice Idea Kludge77

am. mccosham (author)2014-05-19

That's a neat. My immediate thought was to make a napkin holder as my wife has fiesta ware plates

BrianJewett (author)am. mccosham2014-06-01

Then you could still make a ring from the scrap from the center.

kludge77 (author)am. mccosham2014-05-21

That would be cool looking!

emilyvanleemput (author)2014-05-31

Congrats on being a finalist!

woisme (author)2014-05-15

Awesome ring

kludge77 (author)woisme2014-05-21

thank you

m bedi (author)2014-05-17

I'm surely trying this! I don't think I can even get close to what you made! Bravo (y)

kludge77 (author)m bedi2014-05-21

You should! I've gotten photos from a bunch of folks who have. They looks great, and none of them had a lathe. Just a hand drill or hand tools.

143override (author)2014-05-19

Haha, Really enjoyed this vid! thanks man!

kludge77 (author)143override2014-05-21

thank you!

shazni (author)2014-05-17

very nice :-). For those without a turner you can follow this instructable

databank08 (author)2014-05-16

Superbly brilliantly gorgeous... Loved it... Looking forward to see more my friend. God bless.

kludge77 (author)databank082014-05-16

Thanks! I think I've got some cool ideas in the pipe!

Hoov22 (author)kludge772014-05-17

Your project is amazing, i'm going to try it

ToolboxGuy (author)2014-05-15

If you don't have a lathe, you _should_ be able to get the rough cuts done with a good wood vise and a good wood drill bit or two. The outside is the important cut, and you can rough cut and undersize the inside, then use a round sander head to size it up. I haven't tried it yet, but I also would make several blanks before attempting, as the colored pencils I've used in the past are notorious for having its leads crack.

kludge77 (author)ToolboxGuy2014-05-16

Totally doable. I recieved a notice from someone who did just that!

kludge77 (author)ToolboxGuy2014-05-15

Absolutely! People have been making things with their hands for eons. This is not a difficult task. I might take a bit longer, but it is completely doable!

Snotflower (author)2014-05-15

Amazing ring! I am going to try this. Also, I like the pic of your fingerprint!

kludge77 (author)Snotflower2014-05-16


prakis (author)2014-05-15

The finishing is excellent. Simple and Beautiful. Thx for sharing.

kludge77 (author)prakis2014-05-16

thank you!

mi1ez (author)2014-05-15

Well, here's one I intend to try!

kludge77 (author)mi1ez2014-05-16

If you do, please let me know!

Closer (author)2014-05-15

It would be interesting to arrange the pencils radialy instead of parallel.

ToolboxGuy (author)Closer2014-05-15

If you have something to fill in the gaps, you could only just sharpen each one and glue them together at the tips. It'd be a rather small ring if you don't want your filler material to show.

Closer (author)ToolboxGuy2014-05-16

I was assuuming that the pencils would have to be shaped to fit together tightly by trimming the tips. (Looking down on it it would look like the slices of a pie.) That way there would be no gaps.

kludge77 (author)Closer2014-05-16

that would be cool. I wonder how the edge would look?

Chico da Rave (author)2014-05-15

Very nice idea!
What kind of glue is uses?

kludge77 (author)Chico da Rave2014-05-15

I used CA (superglue) but I thinlk epoxy would be better!

shteef (author)2014-05-12

Hi, that's cool. What glue did you use to stick the pencils together?

kludge77 (author)shteef2014-05-12


I used super glue (Meduim CA) but it can be brittle. I think epoxy would be a better choice going forward. The issue with epoxy is that it can yellow, so you need the clear stuff.

guaps (author)kludge772014-05-15

First - very, very cool. Well done.

Why not wood glue? I do a fair amount of wood turning, and I use super glue when I need to separate two pieces after I turn them. The brittleness makes it perfect to separate cleanly.

blackbubbles (author)2014-05-14

Yes it should dry up nicely, and thanks for the great instructable!

kludge77 (author)blackbubbles2014-05-15


Punyviking (author)2014-05-15

Oh-no! Now I need to learn the wood lathe also, I'm currently learning how to use a metal lathe/mill but I have never used a wood lathe.

The result is a perfect gift for my little princess! It looks great!

kludge77 (author)Punyviking2014-05-15


You could turn this on a metal lathe. In some ways it might be easier to get a clean cut with a carbide bit!

poodle puff (author)2014-05-15

I love this ring. perfect for artist's like me.

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