Step 9: Entomb Your Gift

Now's the moment of truth! Put your gift inside your box. Hopefully it fits neatly.

If not, I'm dreadfully sorry. Return to Step 1 and try again or just buy gift wrap.
amazing i could not wrap a gift properlaly this looks a lilltle easier
PenfoldPlant,<br>You are driving me crazy with envy! I want to use 123D make. I'm all set drawings ready to start the btest build iterations, but I can't use 123D Make on my PC and even if I could your pre-release version has features I couldn't access anyway. I only have access to the online version witch I don't want to downplay too much, it is stupendus, but I'm unable to load my STL files (may be a personal problem). <br>Your projects are beautiful, but your blog is frustrating as your methods are just out of my reach. But dont stop. I'll learn to live with the pain until 123 Make is PC ready with all the glorious functions you have used. <br>Looking forward to more great ibles from you!

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Bio: Artist in Residence at Pier 9, currently exploring a vast array of new tools with which to injure myself.
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