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Big Projects8 months ago

Just asking: How can u be located at pier 9 but live in london?!

wikd1 year ago

:) Hello my friend

suviyihi1 year ago
suviyihi1 year ago

We will buy flowers for our garden. Ancient Secrets Of Kings PDF

tozemela1 year ago

We will joining in the yoga class from tomorrow.

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bellina092 years ago

This website, and your stuff is SOO COOL!!! How did I not know about this website?

Anyway, thanks for recommending and joining us out to the bar a few days ago! Enjoyed it :) Good luck with your summer in San Francisco! Cannt wait to see what you make :D

hohum4 years ago
cool REX,,they nixed your Trex from the store,, bah humbug,, how much for a cut out for your REX???


you create some cool stuff,,

Gigaburger5 years ago
I am hoping to become a tinkerer of sorts and was curious how you came across the knowledge? Assuming it was the engineering background but what branch did you study?
Kiteman5 years ago
I didn't realise you were a Brit until I watched your tar-and-feather video!

PenfoldPlant (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Ta for the link, Kiteman!
shalee9225 years ago
Awesome job on the snow sculpture! I checked out your blog too...your crazy creative :)