Picture of Creating Costume Armor with Wonderflex
This Instructable will guide you through the process of creating lightweight and durable armor for costuming using a material called Wonderflex.

While 90% of the armor in this tutorial will be comprised of Wonderflex, it's important to know that the best results come from using a myriad of materials. Wonderflex is a very capable material, but there are certain limitations to what you can accomplish with it. I'll also be using other materials to accent and enhance the appearance of the basic forms, and these will be called out and linked when appropriate.

In the images above, all armor parts except the helmet were made from a mixture of Wonderflex and Apoxie sculpt. If you're interested in the construction of the helmet, check out my other instructable detailing how to make helmets from videogames!

Step 1: What is Wonderflex?

Picture of What is Wonderflex?
Wonderflex is a low-melt thermoplastic (activation temperature of 150°-170° F) with a woven fiber backing on one side. It sort of looks like very thick plastic duct tape. When heated, the material can flex and stretch into curves, including some basic compound curves as well. Due to the woven grid backing, Wonderflex can only do slight compound curves. You could make a radar-dish type shape but it would be very difficult to get it to make a tight dome.

Wonderflex is also self-adhesive, meaning if you heat up two sheets and press therm together, they will bond to one another as they cure. The more you heat the material up, the stronger this bond will become. I prefer to use a heat gun but you can also microwave smaller pieces if you prefer.

It is available in three thicknesses (.35, .45, and .69") and is shipped/sold in rolls. I buy mine from The Engineer Guy here in Atlanta, but there are plenty of distributors online who also sell it.

Even the thickest of their available products is still pretty thin for very good results, so you'll see in later steps I often double or triple layer the material to make curves smoother and cleaner.
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Gunter18721 days ago

could I purchase one?

Do you take commissions? If so please let me know, I would love to commission you for a simple chest plate and headdress :)

He does do commission work and might be willing to take on your project. Check out his website at


EmilyH54 months ago

What is the purpose of the damp towel in Step 7? Does it affect the texture of the Wonderflex? Did you have any problems with the wonderflex sticking to the towel?

enelson86 months ago
I love the depth and detail of this instructable and of how you created everything! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, this tutorial is so in depth and easy to follow!

hannathing10 months ago

Can I use the techniques described here, with the apoxie sculpt, on worbla? Or will this only work with wonderflex?

riverswamp11 months ago

wow just wow you have such great costumes and props.

BasT111 months ago

You can now order Wonderflex at:


Fast delivery into Europe!

nwalt3111 months ago

dear volpin, i am an aspiring prop maker and this instructable inspired me to make my own suit of armor, its my first costume, check out my instructable on it and tell me what you think!

Only bad thing is, Wonderflex is so expensive.. So if you're poor (like me) you can't afford to really do anything with it.. Sadly.. :(

Amazing btw!! 0.0

try using cardboard instead, then use pepakura armor techniques to finish it, like bondo and fiberglass

geowulf1 year ago

Mr. Krix (Volpin) you are the BEST propmaker of all time!!

Oh, well doesn't this look complicated..... At least it's totally worth it!

honestly i want to make stuff like this, or anything from video games in general, but i have no idea where to start! Extremely jealous! You do brilliant work!

THIS. IS. CRAZY GOOD! This makes me want to be the dragonborn for halloween :)

PITCHVAPOR1 year ago
Ya I was wondering about the thickness and also, could you give the dimensions of the paper blueprints of this?
DanK11381 year ago

You said that wonderflex comes in three different thicknesses, so I was wondering, what thickness of the wonderflex did you end up using?

Cool.How did you make the mannequin?
liamrk1781 year ago
Hi is it possible if I can buy from you the blueprints for this armor
Super cool! Reminds me of Narnia...
LexyConroy2 years ago
This is just... wow... it looks EXACTLY like the game :O
abradu12 years ago
A really great tutorial, but how did you get the fur on there in the final piece? I might have missed a step or something but did you just glue it on the armor when you finished?
jvicars2 years ago
TheZacmann2 years ago
I am now buying wonderflex in truckloads
skyrim-bro2 years ago
Can you help me with extra details just comment back and i will tell you my email i want to make thanks by the way nice cosplay
13, 7:46 PM.jpg13, 7:46 PM.jpg13, 7:46 PM.jpg13, 7:46 PM.jpg
skyrim-bro2 years ago
How much did you spend cause im making a helmet right now and a have $60 so will i have enough for the chest piece
Lexagonal2 years ago
I'm gonna try and keep to a 100$ budget. Don't know how it's going to turn out.
Lexagonal2 years ago
:P This will be perfect for Project Mystogan. If you can make this I hope I can make what I need
sixsmith2 years ago
Early in the video about weathering you were applying decals to the gun.
I was curious as to the method and materials used. It looks to me like it's a screen printing setup, and am wondering what methods you used to create the screen, I've done homemade screen printing before, and it looked nowhere near as nice as that.
awesome + sauce = this !
o__o2 years ago
Smithing increased to 100!
chase326152 years ago
By the gods you are the Dragon Born
jwilliamsen2 years ago
Great stuff, Harrison - really nice instructable.

One thing you might want to check out is Smooth-on's "Free-Form Air Epoxy Putty" as a replacement for Apoxy Sculpt - it is crazy-light, carves and smooths well, is super easy to mix (knead) about the hardness of maple... and did I mention light? (it will float in water).  I've been using it to replace some of my uses of Magic Sculpt and have been impressed with it.
does it shrink when hardening?
Not that I've noticed - no appreciable amount, anyway - and can't think why it would. It's composed of glass micro-spheres and epoxy - so there's nothing to shrink, really.
Thanks for the info on Free-Form Epoxy Putty. It looks like a very useful product.
tmallos2 years ago
Congratulations on your win! Well deserved!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
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