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chakra3 years ago
just saw your site!! Mother of Gods!
i loved every piece you have made! you are one God of Resins!
mvanderdeen3 years ago
mooooooore mooooooore i need moooore
thank you very much for your contribution to this community. I've been folowing your work for a few months now and I must say I have been nothing but impressed.
TheKrazyKOW4 years ago
im a giant fan of your and check both your instructables account and blog frequently. and would like to consider you trying to make an iron man (full body armor) costume it would be the ultimate prop and seeing your other work i think you'll be able to pull it off.

P.S. make some more instructables, please.
orvis4 years ago
Volpin, I just want to say that your work is seriously inspiring. I've been reading your updates on volpinprops for a long time now, and really appreciate your attention to detail—both in the props and the documentation. Thank you for sharing your skill with the rest of us.

If you don't mind my asking a professional question, you say that you're recently a prop maker by profession. How did that come about? Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on how to professionally enter such a field from a tangentially related one?
volpin (author)  orvis4 years ago
Thanks for the compliments!

The transition to full-time was mostly based on the amount of positive feedback I've gotten over the past couple of years concerning my replica work. I spent a while working on props and such in the off-hours from my full time job. When I felt I had enough contacts and consistent requests, I made the switch!

I don't really have much more in the way of a formula than that...
orvis volpin4 years ago
And also good luck on the Epilog challenge. I'm sure you would put it to excellent use.
orvis volpin4 years ago
That makes sense: Hobby > Occasional Freelance > Job.

Congratulations on the switch; you really seem to enjoy it! I hope you continue to enjoy it the same.

(Thanks for taking the time to reply)
avizzone4 years ago
Finally some instructables by you! :D I'm excited
Frogzard1014 years ago
glad to see these finally up here! they are all so inspiring... Keep em coming!!