Mega_Menu (batch File) V 2.5


Introduction: Mega_Menu (batch File) V 2.5

About: I enjoy anything to do with computers. I have made some interesting scripts, and I am constantly improving my skill set. One day I hope to become a programmer, although in what category is still a mystery (...

:--- Edit: In the next version, my goal is to decrease the size of the code. In doing this, I have decided to remove Monopoly. I have officially started working on the next version, and a mistake I am constantly making is publishing it with bugs in (that I don't know about). To help prevent this, I'm looking for BETA testers to run the code and try to find errors. Tell me what you think. ---:

Version 2.5 has arrived. I know that the previous versions were full of bugs, but I've spent 10 hours nailing down everything, so it should be bug-free. In theory, that is. I've added heaps of extras, so any one of them could realistically stuff-up, even through my testing.

New features of V 2.5:
Document Creator - Covers all your documentation needs.
More games - Keeps you entertained if your internet gets cut off.
Formatted code - Let's the young developer not get a headache by reading it.
Less bugs - Less frustration.
New log in function - Very cool to look at.
Address Book - Keep track of your friends.

Known bugs:
-Encryption function doesn't work (I forgot to add a label) 

And many, many more! 

If you want a full list of changes then the file automatically creates a change log which can be found in the info folder.

You will no longer need to do anything other than copy and paste the code and stick it on notepad. The file will do the rest!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Creating the .bat File

Firstly, open Notepad.exe (windows button+R and type notepad.exe)

I used to have the code below, but certain occurrences has stopped me from doing that... 

Just click on the file icon down below and copy it from there

The password and name will take care of themselves.
DO NOT EDIT THIS SCRIPT (the password and name will be changed automatically).

Well that's pretty much it.

I've also added Version 2.3.2 down the bottom for people having troubles with the choice command.

Step 2: Enjoy


The Mega_Menu.bat file alone takes up 9114 lines of text and 308434 characters. That's 32384 characters per line.

If you would like anything else included in the next version please tell me and I will send word when it is completed.

I am also doing custom batch files for people for free! If you're interested then tell me and I will see what I can do.

If you need help with a batch file or you don't know where you went wrong, send me the batch file and I will try to fix it.


Step 3: Enjoy

Now that you have the batch file you can either save it in your documents OR you can save it somewhere then create a shortcut and save it in your startup folder. From there it wil start on startup. YAY!

Sit back, relax and enjoy

Oh and please point out any bugs so I can fix them. If you were redirected to the bug page it was probably because you typed in an answer that was not valid.

BTW: You must be admin to add/delete admin (if you are admin and it's not working then right click it and select "run as administrator".

P.S: Do not try to make yourself admin at school

Now, I hope you understand how much work I've put into this version. I've added 3000 lines of purely my code into this, and formatted about 6000 lines of it. It has taken me many hours to do this. I would be very unhappy if it doesn't work, so tell me quickly so I can fix it. 

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any wrong doings caused by the use/misuse of this batch file or any knowledge anyone gains from this batch file.



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    AWESOME! Please email me at if someone fixes the encryption feature. And, how do u use the Address Book???



    I do not know the programming help please!!! :(((


    2 years ago

    um, every time i go to communications, either one i click closes it out

    Great menu! Don't you think you should put it in the startup folder

    Hai! I go to a school at Huntsville, and I've distributed your menu and everyone seems to like it ;D but I do have a few questions.

    *When you launch it from the Downloads folder, it runs perfectly, and doesn't ask me for the Users folder. After a close it and relaunch, the unername/password thing works fine. Buit, when I drag it to my USB, it'll create the info folder and everything in it, but it'll ask for the C:\Users\name. The Username/Password also doesn't work.

    *Do you think you could add an RPG into there? Maybe Swords of Morivath or FinalRealm? They're both in batch.


    Really cool menu. I'm glad that you gave credit where credit was due. :D

    Trust me i understand the symbols, but whenever i go on monopoly i see these weird symbols. Maybe you should try using encoding or Unicode.

    hey this is very cool and i was wondering because you seem very knowledegable with computers i was wondering if you knew how to get around a fire wall. all i wanted to know is how to get around it not remove it.

    1 reply

    Hey prof. pickle I think your mega menu is really cool! i do however, have a list of bugs. The ones i've found so far are bugs in settings, and tasks. Also, the try counter for the login doesn't work.

    1 reply

    Yeah, about that. I've been working on version 1.6 for a while now and it's purely about getting rid of the bugs. I didn't realise I stuffed up so badly. I think it's nearly done, so just hang tight.

    Hey, I found a bug. After I won, in Tic-Tac-Toe, it said "Play again (Y,N)?". But up there, it said "(S to set skill level)". So I pressed "S" and a wild Batch Calculator appeared... :P
    Guess I was supposed to press either Y or N, only...
    But MAN! Monopoly! That is so EPIC! You are awesome!

    3 replies

    Just reading this again, I hope you didn't think that I made Monopoly. The real creator is in my README.txt file and in the code itself.

    I fixed it but it won't be out 'til next version, but thanks for the heads up. Is there anything else you'd like to see in the menu?

    Professor Pickle remember me?
    I will give you some of my programs for free go to
    contact page.

    2 replies

    I got your program, i think i will be editing it!
    it could use some fixing.
    problem: u cant use 1,2, or 3 in passwords.
    there is no excuse on not improving your work, just as u told me.