Introduction: Crystal Beaded Necklace With Matching Earrings

Picture of Crystal Beaded Necklace With Matching Earrings

This is another crystal beaded necklace with matching earrings.

Here I have used larger oblate crystal beads in combination with gold plated eye pins and gold plated "S" hooks for the necklace as well for the earrings.

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
  • 22 pieces of large size oblate crystal beads (20 pieces for the necklace and two pieces for the earrings)
  • 22 pieces of gold plated eye pins
  • 22 pieces of gold plated "S" hooks
  • 3 pieces of earring hooks
  • 1 piece of Jump ring
  • 4 pieces of small gold plated drops (for the earrings)

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
  • Wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers

Step 3: The Necklace

Picture of The Necklace
  • Start with attaching two eye pins on either side of a "S" hook
  • Insert crystal beads on the eye pins
  • Trim excess from the eye pins
  • Using the round nose pliers, make an eye on the trimmed side of pin
  • Continue with alternately attaching a "S" hook and an eye pin with 20 number of beads
  • Attach a "S" hook at one end and a Jump ring at the other end

The oblate crystal beaded necklace is ready

Step 4: The Earrings

Picture of The Earrings

For making one earring

Insert an eye pin into the oblate crystal bead
Trim excess from the eye pin and make an eye with the round nosed pliers
Attach a "S" hook at one end
Attach an earring hook with the "S" hook
At the other end of the eye pin, attach a couple of small gold platted drops
The earring is ready

Make a set of earrings using the same method

Step 5: Wear and Enjoy

Picture of Wear and Enjoy

The large sized oblate crystal beads are available in many colors. You can make different colored necklaces with earrings and wear them on any occasion matching with your dress.


Simran Sharma (author)2015-10-30

Wow beautiful

antoniraj (author)Simran Sharma2015-10-31

thank you...

kgomathi4 (author)2015-07-20

Wow.. Thanks for sharing.. Shall definitely try it soon..

antoniraj (author)kgomathi42015-07-21

thank you...

hunter999 (author)2014-04-27

Very neat and elegant idea!

antoniraj (author)hunter9992014-04-27

thank you...

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-04-15

I like the use of S hooks as spacers!

thank you Nicole...

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