Let's say you have a photo of your face. Or your child's face. Or your dog. Or, really, any photo you find pretty much anywhere.

Let's say you want to cut it out of metal (perhaps with the plasma cutter at TechShop) or out of wood or cardboard (maybe on the laser cutter) or on a tshirt (vinyl cutter) or even carve it into a pumpkin! You'll need to convert that photo a black and white image that can be fed to one of these machines. Or you can print it on a transparency using a regular ink-jet printer and then shine light through it. Project it on a wall and paint it, or onto a pumpkin.

Before you can do any of these things you need to transform your photo from a thing with 32000 colors to something with only 2.

I'm not going to go into much detail about how to cut it out. This instructable is all about how use the software available at any computer in Techshop (and other places) to create the cutout. I spent several hours last night figuring out the exact steps; it should take you about 20 minutes to follow these steps!

I made it at Techshop!  www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Open Your Image in Photoshop

First, get an image from somewhere. Faces work great because there are things about them that are very recognizable and we recognize faces with very little information. But anything will work provide there is light and dark areas in it.

I chose to use a very recognizable face that I picked up on the internet.

This is instructable has kind of a lot of steps so here's an overview:
Steps 1-6 shows you how to get a cut out image in photoshop.
Step 7 is really just a demonstration of how your choices affect the outcome
Steps 8-11 shows you how to get it into the coreldraw and convert it to use a CNC tool.
Step 12 discusses how to set it up for a few of the specific CNC tools I know about.
<p>thank you </p>
thanks this will come in handy on the waterjet
You can make more complex cut outs for stencils so that you can use more colours. My self portrait to the right was done using black, grey and white. <br>I printed on thin card and cut out with a scalpel. The tricky bit is registering the layers. <br>
This shows the used stencils:
This is kind of a mini-instructable right there! Good stuff, thanks!
Love this! Usually anything computer related around here is for mega-minds! I am so excited to try this...with a pictre of everyone I love!!! Thanks so much for the instructable!
It would be cool to see what you come up with, if you don't mind.
Just a tip for making the image completely black, go to Image ---&gt; Adjustments ---&gt; Hue/ Saturation and turn the &quot;Lightness&quot; all the way down. Much easier on some things than clicking each piece of the image. Note that this will only work for either a picture with no background or on a selected part of the picture.
Thanks for the interest. I posted another, related instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Slice-Up-Your-Face-Again/ <br> <br>This one uses techniques more related to Tinsky's work (although I am NOT comparing my technical doodlings to Tinsky's art) as well as a somewhat different way to prepare the face which might be interesting to people interesting in this instructable.
Take a look at Craig Tinsky's artwork. Could your program make similar design? <br> <br>
As Yellowcatt points out, I've outlined a very most basic form of something that has a lot of depth and complexity. Tinsky is an artist, I'm just a hacker. But, yeah, you can extend this technique in that direction as Yellowcatt did. I assume that Tinsky, like Yellowcatt, did it all by hand -- that's artistry. This is, well, kind of a shortcut.
thanks for the details! This will be useful in the future!

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