DIY Bed With Storage for Under $100





Introduction: DIY Bed With Storage for Under $100

I bought a new latex bed, and seeing as it doesn't need a boxspring, I decided this would be a great opportunity to get some under bed storage without having stuff on the floor.

This is a King Size bed, which is the same as 2 Twin Extra Longs, so that is what I made; for ease of getting in the house, and so that is can be used as 2 separate beds if the need ever arises.

3 4x8 sheets of 3/4" OSB
1 4x8 sheet of 1/4" plywood
20 1x3x12' furring strips. (If you hand pick the strips, you can get away with 8footers, I needed the extra length to avoid knots/splits, etc.)
Wood glue
Wood screws (I used 1" and 1 1/4")
Sand paper
Wood stain
3 Hinges
2 magnetic cabinet clasps

Drill/Driver with bit for screws
Table Saw (or circular saw)
Miter Saw (helpful but not required)
Power Sander
Tape Measure
Paint Brush

I spent $84 on this project, but already had the sand paper, glue, stain, and 1/4" plywood.

In the pictures, the drop-down front is not shown, but it will cover the 2 storage openings in the front. Looking at the finished project, next time I would have just stained the inside and left the openings exposed.

Check out the DIY latex mattress that went on this frame:



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Love the design, I have been contemplating how to make shelves under the bed and open up under the bed. Perfect solution! Do you think it could be done with the shelf openings on the sides of the beds rather than the end? The only worry I have is the structural stability that the side panels give the bed and wouldn't want it to be swing-y.

I would frame out the side panels with 2x4s running the length and one cross piece, then you should be fine.

Like this when viewed from the side. This way you should have plenty of strength and two shelves per side.


This bed is fantastic! I have been wanting to do something similar for my two daughters 2 twins also in an L an hoping to have storage access from the long side. I have been going back and forth between your detail below and the photos but still not sure I have it right. In the photos it looks like the bed frame "box" is sitting on top of the legs, but you say you screwed the sides into the legs? I'm having some trouble understanding how this part was done. Also, could you confirm on the 2x4 side support, are you meaning that from the side you are seeing the 4" face of the 2x4 and then attach the OSB to that?

thanks for all the help on this!

side rail.jpg

The way I made mine was essentially making 4 legs, then screwing the OSB sides to the legs, so the legs hold it all together. I did not make an OSB box, then attach legs to it, although that would work also. There is no 2x4 structure in mine, and the vertical dimension of the OSB is large enough on the long sides to make it structurally sound.

If you want the openings on the long side, I would recommend making a structural frame, then cladding it in the OSB. I had said to use a 2x4, but I am sure 2x3's would be more than strong enough. Yes, I would stand the 2x3's on vertically, so from the side you see the 3" dimension, that would make it strongest. Although, unless you make the height of sides taller, the opening may be too small to be practical.

Perhaps another option would be to double up on the plywood/OSB sides to make them 1.5" thick or so. Glue and screw them together. That may be all the structure you need.

Thanks so much for your reply. This is what I came up with as I thought through it a bit more. I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know if this would be structurally sound. These frames are for my two young daughters so not super high off the floor. I was thinking if I made 2 @ 2x4 frames (opposite of how I described earlier). These would be like a typical stud wall frame so from the side you see the 2” face. I’d make the 2 “stud wall” frames with 1 2x4 center support, screw in the OSB cladding and cut 2 holes in the center of the OSB, either side of the 2x4 center support. OSB only on each of the short ends to connect the 2x4 frames. This would sit right on the floor. 1x3 strapping would sit on the 2x4 framing as yours did on the side rails. I’m thinking one would be about 12” high and the other 18”high.

These are my questions
1 – On the 2x4 frame, is only 1 2x4 center support enough or would I need 2?
2 – Is it okay not to apply the OSB cladding on the back long side? It’s against the wall so not needed aesthetically, also we have outlets back there I don’t want to cover.
3 – Is this okay to sit on the floor or should it be supported in another way?
4 – Should the short ends be framed out as well or okay to just screw in the OSB direct?

Thanks so much!!

I am not an expert. I would just go with your gut as to what is strong enough. But to answer your questions. I think 1 center support is enough. You can probably skip the OSB on the long side against the wall if you brace the corners. You could cut a triangle of OSB for each corner and screw them onto the corners for added strength. Sitting on the floor is fine. OSB short ends should be enough, as that is all I have.

I was thinking about making a platform like this and putting my bed on, frame and all. Great Idea!

I love the design and the storage.  Could you tell me  the dementions for the bed as single twin beds.  I wouldl ike to know the length, width and height of each bed.  I have been look for ideas for a room that  is only 10 ft 6 inches by 10 ft.  I clearly am not working with a lot of space.  One wall that I would like to put it on is 80 inches long and then there is a door frame other wall is 10 ft. 6 inches.  I wanted to know if I shaped them in an L shape if they would fit. thanks for your help and the design.

I made the frame an inch bigger than the mattress.
Standard mattress sizes:
Twin - 39x75"
X-Long Twin - 39x80"
Full - 54x75"
Queen - 60x80"
King - 76x80"
California King - 72x84"

Height is up to you, Mine is 10" from the floor to the bottom of the frame, and 22" from the floor to the top of the frame.

I like the storage idea with everything lifted off the floor.  It's good Feng Shui to have open space under the bed so as not to restrict energy flow, so I was stumped as to how to add storage.  You have solved the problem beautifully.