Healthy/Eco Friendly Latex Mattress Assembly.





Introduction: Healthy/Eco Friendly Latex Mattress Assembly.

If you are in the market for a new mattress. Check out the DIY latex setups. Companies like Sleep EZ and Flo Beds (among others) sell layered latex mattresses. You specify the firmness of the layers assemble the bed and can switch out layers if you need to alter the comfort.

In the end you get a hypoallergenic bed, that will not hold mites/bed bugs, and will LONG out live even the best innerspring mattress. Dunlop latex has been known to last 30years.

Mine came from Sleep EZ. I ordered the layers too firm at first, but settled on a Firm base, Medium middle (both Dunlop) and a Soft top (Talalay). At first we ordered the sides different, but in the end both my wife and I liked the same setup. I definitely recommend getting the layers split down the middle, even if you are keeping the sides the same, it makes maneuvering the latex MUCH easier!

Also check out the bed frame I made for this mattress:



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    I love the mattress topper and the cover. I have my memory foam mattress bought from Bedding Stock through online and it is really good but I like your cover. I hope I can buy something like that.

    If you visit our website,, you can order all the materials to make your own a lot less!

    we were considering this, until we got some latex pillows.  all smell like rubber matter what we covered them with, that smell never dissipated.  how do you deal with the smell of latex?

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    Yes, latex has a very strong smell, even pure latex. I work around it every day. That said, its not a toxic smell. But it does have a smell

    You will need a head board or something to protect the wall or you'll be surprised when you move the bed away from the wall.
    Thanks for the instructable

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    Thanks. We are in a different apartment now then the one in the pics, and the head of the bed is against a window, so it is a non-issue.

    Our setup (not the cheapest and not the best) cost us $1795. A bit expensive for a mattress, but considering its comfort, how long it will last, and its health/environmental benefits, I think it was worth every penny. Also remember that I bought a king, so other sizes will obviously be cheaper.

    wow.. thi is great... we have been lookng into something like tis for some time..thanks