Step 1.) Remove The Tab on the light Bulb 
Step 2.break the insulation layer (black part) 
Step 3.)  Break the fialament and pulling it out
Step 4.) Add Water to wash it out if white (if clear skip step)
Step 5.) Add Gel i ended up using a different gel i used a garage door lubricate instead of the hand sanitizer
Step 6.) Add Padding to bottom of box
Step 7.) Make an outline of the cut your about to do to fit the light bulbs in
Step 8.) Cut out the holes made with 7/8 bit

Step 9.) wire the leds two both battery terminals and the switch Refer To This Diagram  --------> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owgrUYC0Sfw&feature=youtu.be

Step 10.) Glue together and Turn On And Enjoy

THANKS!!!! to everyone that favorited and viewed my intructable I Appreciate it. it means a lot to me and makes me want to strive to bring you the best intructables projects to you and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE THANKS AGAIN!!!!
Good luck!
A word of warning, if using one of those white incandescent light bulbs, the white powder inside contains mercury which is a very dangerous substance.
the white powder in an incandescent bulb is a kaolin powder. clay. it's not toxic. there's no mercury in an incandescent bulb.
Yea, it was the "Fluorescent" lamp I meant.
Please cite your source claiming that incandescent bulbs contain mercury.. <strong><u>Fluorescent </u></strong>lamps contain mercury and the white powder in them is phosphorus.&nbsp; &nbsp;I don't believe incandescent lamps&nbsp;contain anything particularlly hazardous.&nbsp; (all in the interest of correct information)&nbsp; :-)
Sorry, English isn't my first language and I mixed up the names. Many apologies, and thank you for correcting me =)
I completely forgot to point this out thanks you so much and don't forget to vote for me thanks so much!!
You're welcome =)
Terrific video, you should get an award for it! <br>
hahahah i agree but a feature will safice for now and thanks it means a lot to me don't forget to vote :)
Using more bulbs with something like the Cylon circuit could make this even more fantastic. Something else I've seen used to fill glass objects, and keep bubbles throughout it, is clear silicon caulk that is fairly cheep and comes in the big caulk tubes, might be a lot cheaper than garage door lube. Again Great Instructable.
Thanks for the tips i like the cylon circuit idea a lot thanks dont forget to vote for me thanks!!!!
Great Job, AC Moore (Arts &amp; Craft store ) sells light bulbs (clear) that the bottom screws off and on $1.00.
@hohohe I didn't know that that will make it much easier in my future projects thanks!
<p>I'm not seeing where you are sealing up the bulb. What's keeping the gel from oozing out? Is it when you hot glue the bulb to the LED?</p>
<p>don't use hand sanitizer , its flammable so yeah not a good mix with electrity </p>
<p>Great diy project. I will have to wait a few months now since I am late to the party</p>
<p>I made this, with a few alterations for my son as a nightlight.. Came out pretty cool. Thanks for the idea!!!</p>
Nice Job! I love it when people look at my instructables and make one of my projects or modify it like you did it looks really cool you should get a rainbow cycling led so it changes colors if you want you can buy them on ebay i think but anyways well done!
<p>I'm building this now for my son to have a night light...what kind of lubricant did you use... I was thinking of using clear hair gel, but was interested to know what lubricant you used that was clear... Thanks.</p>
I am inspired and love with this idea! How unique! Thank you for this!
Thanks you that means a lot i really appreciate i YOU'R FREAKING AWESOME SAUCE
Good luck!
Thank you so much don't forget to vote for me it means a lot!!!!!!
Grandioso, buena idea, facil y barato de hacer, felicidades, ya vote y te puse en mis favs :D
muchas gracias por ponerme en tus favoritos y votar por m&iacute; se lo agradezco mucho, muchas gracias (sorry for the bad spanish)
hahahaha great job nice instructable.....really cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is fantastic, very pretty. What music did you use please?
was the jeepers creepers song I got it on killer tracks and Don't forget to vote for me THANKS!!!!!!!! <br>
That was great! A very good idea with a super instructive video to help get it done!
I was unable to listen to this with the sound on, so I apologize if you addressed this in the video. It didnt appear that you sealed the LEDs/washer to the bottom of the bulb.. wont the gel leak out? This is a very cool idea, props!!!
I Didn't need to seal it because i glued the leds and the lubricate i used is very thick (i didn't actually use hand sanitizer i changed it later to a garage door lubricate) plus gravity helped it stay in place but you should in general seal it up but i was in a hurry anyways thanks and don't forget to vote!!!!
another option besides water, try filling it with a small amount of salt &amp; shaking, this should remove all the coating from inside the bulb. <br>very cool idea!
Thanks i will be sure to keep it in mind don't forget to vote!!!!
Great inst. I loved the music, a very good pairing with the graphics. Good Job.
Safety glasses are a great idea for light bulb projects. The end result looks nice. Did you seal the LED inside the casing to prevent leaks?
I Didn't need to seal it because i glued the leds and the lubricate i used is very thick (i didn't actually use hand sanitizer i changed it later to a garage door lubricate) plus gravity helped it stay in place but you should in general seal it up but i was in a hurry anyways thanks and don't forget to vote!!!!
Cool idea! But I gotta know, what is that first song?
@sdgenxr it was the jeepers creepers song I got it on killer and Don't forget to vote for me THANKS!
Muy bueno <br>

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