Step 7: Put it all together

Picture of Put it all together
This is where I made my crucial mistake. I completely forgot that I was planing on nailing the top half to the bottom half, and glued it together. I thought of a few ways to do it, get some longer nails, maybe use screws, then I said screw it, hot glue time.
So i hot glued the two ends together, it works.

Here are some more picturesHere are some more pictures, and some more detail and stuff about it
LastDevil6 years ago
i think it looks good, you done well there. If next time to do one (this takes a little more time) if you print out a picture then cut it out, glue it to a bit of ply board and saw the shape out. then place the ply on the perspex and use the engraving tool on a slow setting (if not by hand) and slowly go round the shape you plan on a few times it will have a clean indentation of the shape but looks good.
bduffman7 years ago
oi one thing wood glue would have worked better another thing looking at this and looking at a proget befor he sprayed it back and then re engraved the picture depends if u want the see thro look or if u just want the picture would also probley block u from seeing the leds at the bottem would look nice i think turned out well dude who ever u give that to will be pritty happy
Deadly Computer (author)  bduffman7 years ago
i thought of painting the Plexiglas black, or even getting colored Plexi, but i decided against it, I wanted it to be clear see through, i like that. As for the LEDs, I have a few other things I'm gonna try on my next ones I make.