Today, I'm going to teach you how to build a working, life-sized, phone-controlled Starwars BB-8 droid! In this tutorial, we are only going to use household materials and a little Arduino circuitry.


My Christmas Gift For Dad: One of my dad's hobby is being a toy collector (Hot Toys, Enterbay & Etc..). He grew up watching movies from the 80's, including Starwars! He is a really huge Starwars fan. When the Sphero BB8 was announced, he wanted it so badly! The Sphero toy cost $150 online, $210 in our country (Philippines), not to mention that they ran out of stock easily! It's not the typical toy that you would buy impulsively. Knowing with my past experience in building robots, I figured I could build a life-sized version of the Sphero BB8 for less than $100. I also saw this as an opportunity to spend some father-and-son time with him. This is what we ended up building in the week of Christmas! Anyway, my mom and I also got him a Sphero BB8 and used it as our reference for building this project. For him I guess, the best gift was the time we spent building it together.


Why Household Materials?

Due to the limitation of materials, I resorted in using the materials around me. (deodorant roll-ons as ball bearings, canvas as fiberglass, Christmas balls as the eye & etc.. ). A lot of people could relate to this. My approach on building the project doesn't require 3D printers, CNCs or Milling Machines!


The full video tutorial is finally out! (MUST WATCH!)

RECENT UPDATE: BB8's First Day At The University (v1.0 Demo)

DIY BB8 (v2.0) in Progress Update:

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Step 1: Reverse Engineering BB8's Design

Step to be written soon!

If I change the motor driver then is there any need to change the codes
Can I use any other motor shield instead of VNH5019 , please reply me . Please.........????
<p>yes tejas</p>
Like L293D Motor driver or please suggest me a cheap and good motor driver
<p>What is the error in the code and how do you fix it?</p>
<p>There is no error in the code. You just have to install the motor driver library to the Arduino IDE first before uploading the code to the board.</p>
Can you tell me how to get those codes.. Please<br>
I just downloaded both, downloaded arduino software, copied and pasted each set of code from both downloads into seperate new sketches. Some will say there is an error in the code, i couldnt fix it so i just tried to test the motors and the error did not have any affect on it<br>
<p>It will affect the working of the BB8.</p><p>To fix this , follow the steps :</p><p>1. Download Arduino Software</p><p>2. Download both, the code and Pololu library as given in this instructable above.</p><p>3. Open Arduino software</p><p>4. In Arduino Software(IDE), select sketch&gt;include library&gt;add .zip library</p><p>5. Locate the downloaded zip file of Pololu and select it and you're done.</p>
<p>In both of the codes and it says that there is an error, I just did what you wrote, please help me</p>
<p>I have the library for the Polulu VNH5019 Motor Shield.</p><p>Give me your e-mail. I'll mail you.</p>
<p>Can you email it to me too?</p><p> Larryedinger@att.net</p>
Mind giving me to. Mine is mserbertistudent@gmail.com.
<p>here is my email could i get them too 1911S.K.Y.I.S.P.I.E1911@gmail.com</p>
How can i find the codes for the bb8
hello sir the mp3 module need connection of arduino or not
<p>styrofoam ball alternative</p>
I am of only 13 years old but I want to make this stuff
Please send me too. tejaskhairnar000@gmail.com
Does anyone have any recommended battery packs for this or have a tutorial on how to make these battery packs?
<p> how do you get to the charging ports </p>
Im blown away.
<p>Hey I was wondering if the arduino and motor driver need power? I am a beginner so please help!</p>
<p>Your instructions say to 'download the file packet below' as you have included detailed artwork for BB8. I think I'm missing something because while I'm a premium member, I can't find that file! Help please? My 10 year old and I are making this and neither of us are artists! </p>
Hey i m using a Adfruit mortor driver<br>Can u help me with its arduino code
Hey, how can i upgrade codes of adrino for another motor drivers please help because i am beginer
<p>i am making this robot the problem is that i have another motor sheild so i am having problem with the programs could anyone make another program for helping me or suggest something to help me out the motor driver shield's name is&quot;adafruit motor driver&quot; plz help me guys</p>
How will it affect it<br>
<p>I did not understand how to put my head in the body? Someone help me? </p>
<p>Do not put your head into the BB8's body! Make a head for BB8.LOL</p>
<p>How do you connect the blue tooth module?</p>
Anyone know what type of putty to use on the head?
<p>glazing putty</p>
<p>Can anyone please modify the code for Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield.</p><p>I am a begineer in arduino and I need somebody's help to modify the code</p>
<p>I am in India. Where I can find styrofoam ball for the head?</p><p>Is there something else which I can use?</p>
<p>can i use instead Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield of <a href="https://www.pololu.com/product/2507" rel="nofollow">Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Shield</a>?</p>
<p>I made it. Here are the images: It cost me over 1000 USD and I'm 13.</p>
<p>Can I use the L293D motor driver shield? Will that affect the given BB8-Arduino Code?</p>
<p>Here is the inside, the templates and the finished ball.</p>
<p>i'm frm INDIA......I'm an able find Motor Shield and Metal Gearbox-.......can i get other way to build it???</p>
<p>Yes. Adafruit is a great alternative. You can also use Arduino's Motor shields and compatible motors.</p>

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