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denifnt2 months ago

hi, where can i buy piezo disk?

you can check here


CoolBro1883 months ago

Hey Angelo the bb 8 PDF and measurements I didn't got

You can't download the pdf until you are a premium user of the instructables

eddierocket1 month ago

hi Angelo. Im making a BB-8 droid too but i can't find thew PDF file for the artwork of BB-8. Could you send it to me. My Dads Birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks and i wand to surprise him.

eddierocket1 month ago

Hi Angelo i can't find the PDF File for the artwork. Could you please tell me my dads Birthday is coming up and i want to surprise him.

joacmart2 months ago

Hi Angelo Loving your projects! Im currently building a bb-8 using your instructable. The code does not seem to work. any advice, I could not find the same motors that you used, could this be the problem?


joacmart joacmart2 months ago

Also where did you mount your servo?

JoshG933 months ago

Hey there! I have one question, where do you buy/get different resistors, transistors, PNP's, and etc. in the Philippines? Thanks.

DJANIRBAN3 months ago


my name is anirban and I am from India i purchased a bluetooth speaker(got it in a very cheap price ) but it doesnt have any aux input but when i press its different mode it says aux inputmode on .Can u help me add a aux input feature in my bluetooth speaker so that ui can also play it with my pc or anything else and i also want to create an easy function by which i can switch of using its own battery and paly it with direct connecting it to adapter so that my battery stays ok for long time. I have added the image of the circuit also.

CoolBro1883 months ago

One thing though pretty cool health band so neat

CoolBro1883 months ago

But no I got nothing in my mail

CoolBro1883 months ago

Someone said give me your emails I thought he would give me the bb 8 PDF measurements p

QQPaint4 months ago

Angelo Is it possible to get the photo from

http://www.iflscience.com/technology/teenager-inve... for inclusion in a science textbook. I can send you more information if you respond. Please write to yikesallgone@yahoo.com

MarvelM4 months ago

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