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hambo854 months ago
Keep on rockin little man! Your instructables are awesome, and for your age I can hardly imagine what you will do once you get older.
I'm in love with all of your projects!
ASCAS (author)  salaryguide1 year ago
Thanks! Stay tuned, I'm still waiting for my parts to arrive, i'l be posting more projects :))

Hey there! Gotta say, I love your stuff. (Really enjoying it so far, and I am looking forwards to more!) Something occurred to me that I thought I should share. I think you might like ham radio. It involves a lot of the stuff you seem to like, and you getting a licence for it would be easy. (you need some basic electronics knowledge and ability to memorize some regulations.) I would be very curious to see what you could pull off if you messed around with that area. (using your galvanic cell to power a radio, etc.)

Just a thought! :)

alee533 months ago
Is there any way that I can just buy the supercharged Bluetooth speaker from you?
WiseGuy10x3 months ago
You are awesome buddy. Really appreciate your work.
tlinde5 months ago
As to the water power. Have you considered using other metals for the battery electrodes?
The right ones will produce higher current.
The other is, have you considered using a mesh screen of each electrode?
ASCAS (author)  tlinde3 months ago
Sorry for the late reply. Tried using a carbon rods, but didn't work out very well. The screen mesh was a great material. It produced more current compared to the zinc strips, although it quickly rusted in a matter of days.
Goodwin74 months ago
Hey Angelo! I didn't know that your projects would be this good! Keep it up!
You really need to stop being so awesome (j/k)! You're making the rest of us look bad :D
ASCAS (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Gee, thanks, I'm flattered :))

BTW, my mom and I love your pastries! They are AWESOME!!!! :3
iNexus5 months ago
Hey Dude! Where do usually buy the parts for your ibles here in the phils? Great instructables, all of them are very useful.
ASCAS (author)  iNexus5 months ago
Greetings Kababayan! I buy my parts in Alexan (SM Megamall), DEECO (raon) & Egizmo (Near DLSU Taft)
iNexus ASCAS5 months ago
More Stores to visit! Thanks! :) Where did u buy your speakers from your HiFi project? Planning to make some for my room... :)
ASCAS (author)  iNexus5 months ago
If you live in the Philippines. Go to RAON or Anthony Audio, located in Chino Roces, Makati.

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