In this project I will show you how to create an appropriate coil and an inverter circuit for a wireless energy transfer system that can easily transfer a power of 20W. Let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the video!

The video should give you a basic understanding on how to create the coils and inverter circuit. The next steps will contain additional information to make recreating this project even simpler.

<p>What output voltage did you get on the receiver?</p>
that's a really neat project.... I had a question that I asked on your YouTube video. but you may have missed it... <br><br>I wanted to know if we can use this concept and replace coils with 1:1 transformer to create an isolated dc-dc converter.
Assuming you have none of these parts handy, whats the cost for this project. and if i did my math right thats a 4A current? trying to figure out if this will work to charge a large cell phone battery. xD

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