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Introduction: DIY Carbon Tape Heated Gloves V1.0

About: DIY carbon heated clothing.

diy heated clothing kit

I bought a carbon heating flex tape from (or on Amazon) and sewed it into an ordinary insulated fleece gloves.
For every glove I used 150 cm of carbon. It powered by 12 V. Current is about 1,5A for each one.

Step 1:

New glove (on the left) has 3 layers (on the right).

Step 2:

Tape sewed by hands on the inner side of glove . Connected in parallel 2 x 75 cm.
Because of tape is thin and very soft I placed it directly to fingertips side.

Step 3:

You can sew wire to carbon tape to make a good and flexible connection.  The contact place shouldn't be hotter then the tape itself. If not you must increase the contact area.

Step 4:

Now carbon tape placed between two gloves.

Step 5:

Step 6:

Ready to use. Very comfortable with my heated vest and insoles.



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    Hello @Shenzhen, which temperature do you advise to target for for gloves?

    4 replies

    The most of factory made heated clothing heat up to 75C but of course should have a dimmer.

    75°C in gloves? I 'm surprised,it seems to be very hot.

    If i'm right with your gloves (12v, 75cm tape length) you are around 65°C, is it enough or not?

    I would have target 30°C,is it too low (with an ambiant temp around 0°C)?

    The main question is the total power. If you have enough power for a surrounded temperature and a surface area you maybe fill comfortable even at 30C. But usualy it's difficalt to make it xxC deg + xx power/area simultaneously. Moreover if your body (or fingers) already cold but you just powered your heater at 30-40C (maybe more) you doesn't fill it sometime because carbon never reach that 30-40C and has to heat your cold body untill it became warm that regured lot of time and power. You can make it faster with more power per area or with more temperature. A thin heater gets more power per area and you will fill it immediately even with a low temp (30-40C) after power but it's wrong filling. Only small area bacame warm but whole the body doesn't. The most of Chines heated clothing made the same way.

    OK, thank you for your time.

    For me it should be at least 10W per glove. For that power you need 10W : 3.7V = 2.7A. This big current is not good for any battery but of course it will work. With one 18650 Panasonic 3.4Ah 3.7V the run time will be obout 1.2 hour. The bad thing you have to use 3-4 pieces of carbon 20-25cm of length and connect them in parallel.

    Would a 3.7v battery for each glove be warm enough for a cold winter?
    (what battery set up do you use?)

    Can this generate 120 deg F to 140 deg F temps for about a 2 hour time frame on batteries?

    2 replies

    Yes, you can get it with 0.8-0,9 meter of 15mm carbon tape at 12v. It can heats upto

    120 deg F to 140 deg F. You should notice it's just 9-10 Watts of power and maybe not enough for some applications. You can connect two or more carbon stripes connected in parallel to increase the power.

    Working time depends on heated clothing power consomption and you batteries power capacity. If you will use Panasonic 18650 3400 mAh (the best for now) connected 3 in series, the run time will be more than 3 hours with one stripe of carbon tape 0.8-0,9 meter of 15mm.

    so if i use normal batteries like duracell AA 1.5 volt, is it guna work ?

    1 reply

    Yes, but you should connect them in series to get more voltage. At least 6 volt.

    Hi, Shenzhen. Would this project be safe to be used with a USB charger (like a cell phone charger)? I want to make gloves to use while I type on the computer when is too cold. Would a wall plugged charger be safe? Thanks a lot.

    2 replies

    The most of USB gives 0,5A or less so the total power is just 2,5W (5V x 0,5A = 2,5)

    But if your charger can 2A you get 10W of heat. The problem is you have to change length of carbon and wiring to work at 5V.

    Is it safe...? Well it is a charger and does not designed to work with a full power for a long time. Some of them does not have overheat and short circuit protection. It is not the best idea to use a charger instead of a power supply but if you know how to use it it safe enough.

    Makes sense, thanks a lot!

    I like 18659. The best you can buy is Panasonic 3400 mAh. This one is ~12 watts of energy.

    Here is a picture of the battery,
    It reads: 6f22 size 9v alphacell brand.
    What battery do u recomend i use?

    1 reply

    This battery designed for a very small current and cannot be used for a heated clothing at all.

    Thank you so much, i am playing my order right way. But i found a piece of carbon fibre and i tested it with my variable voltage source,i measured about 4 volts. It worked just as you said but when i used a regular 9v battery the result wasnt the same, it wasnt heating as expected