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diy heated clothing kit

The pattern made from some factory vest.
6 meters of carbon heating flex tape from and now on Amazon placed on back and both sides. By touch carbon is a little bit like a loose weave silk. It's very soft but strong enough. Because of big length it provides uniform heating of body.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Tape connected in parallel 6x1m. It takes about 3A under 12V (36W).

Step 4:

You can sew wire to carbon tape to make a good and flexible connection. The contact place shouldn't be hotter than the tape itself. If not you must increase the contact area. The best idea to place wire between two layers of carbon tape.

Step 5:

Contacts may be sewed by sewing machine or just wraped with a wire.
But as you can see sewed contact is colder than the tape itself (left contact).
Wraped contact (on the right) is more hotter than tape.

Step 6:

Carbon tape can be extended. Place two pieces of carbon tape together on each other with little overlap and sew it on. As you can see the connection place is not hotter than the tape itself.

Step 7:

Sewed contact very flexible.

Step 8:

It's powered by 6x18650 connected in parallel (2x3).
I use it with an adjustable controller.

Step 9:

With a half power. I use it with my heated gloves and insoles.

Step 10: And Yes, You Can Wash It!



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Can you put it in the dryer?

I'm assuming on low heat or tumble dry? I'm guessing the wires can become damaged on high heat

We used silicone wires only. Depends on quality they can 300F-480F.

Yes, you can tumble dry it.

You can see the battery connector and a power button the same as placed inside right there.


We are doing a blanket and want to use flexible solar panels. I have 23questions: 1) Did you run the silicon wire under all the carbon fiber tape throughout the vest? 2) would I solder the 2 silicon wires to the solar panel? 3) Did you see the carbon fiber tape throughout the whole vest or did you use a fabric glue?

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1. Silicon wire run to connection points only.

2. Usualy you should use male/female connector to connect your blancket to solar panel.

3. Carbon fiber tape placed between two layers of cloth fabric and you cannot see it. You can use fabric glue or you can just sew carbon tape to fabric.

We wish you every success with your project! Make an instructable with our carbon and permanent link to our site and get 5 meters any width for free.


Question 4 months ago

If I use instead, 4 pieces of 80cm x15mm connected in parallel, can you please tell me where should the conections be? If possible mark on attached drawing. Thank you in advance

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It will be 40W. With that power if I were you I would heat front also.

The upper connection point has about 1,7A. For that current recommended to use silver glue or split it into two points.


Well, yes, it can be connected this way but 1 piece of 60 cm draws 1 A and gives 13 W so the total 6 A and 78 W. Good level for bikers and bike battery.

Hello. I am writing from Greece.! I want to make a vest as a that will be heated only on its back side (neck, shoulders and back) I am having difficulty in understanding the relation between the length of the carbon fiber and the temperature.(in specific 5 carbon stripes, each 55 cm long, connected in parallel and powered from a 5v power bank). The maximum desired output temperature is 60℃.

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It is difficult to make a heated clothing at 5v because of big current and low power. To get ~60C you have to use just about 20 cm of 15mm carbon tape, This one stripe draws current of 1,35A (very high) but gives just 7,75 Watts of heat energy (very low).

To make a good vest you should use 12v. In this case you can use 3 pieces of 80 cm x 15mm commected in parallel. Total current ~2,4A, power ~30 Watts.

5V 15mm.jpg

Is there a better option you can recommend?