Picture of DIY carbon tape heated vest
diy heated clothing kit

The pattern made from some factory vest.
6 meters of carbon heating flex tape ( placed on back and both sides. By touch carbon is a little bit like a loose weave silk. It's very soft but strong enough.
Because of big length it provides uniform heating of body.
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Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Tape connected in parallel 6x1m. It takes about 3A under 12V (36W).

Step 4:

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You can sew wire to carbon tape to make a good and flexible connection.  The contact place shouldn't be hotter than the tape itself. If not you must increase the contact area. The best idea to place wire between two layers of carbon tape.

Step 5:

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Contacts may be sewed by sewing machine or just wraped with a wire.
But as you can see sewed contact is colder than the tape itself (left contact).
Wraped contact (on the right) is more hotter than tape.

Step 6:

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Carbon tape can be extended.
Place two pieces of carbon tape together on each other with little overlap and sew it on.
As you can see the connection place is not hotter than the tape itself.

Step 7:

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Sewed contact very flexible.

Step 8:

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It's powered by 6x18650 connected in parallel (2x3).
I use it with an adjustable controller.

Step 9:

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With a half power. I use it with my heated gloves and insoles.
NWBrewer11 months ago
I like this. Have you tried snap buttons instead? That way you can disconnect the connections.
Shenzhen (author)  NWBrewer11 months ago
You can see the battery connector and a power button the same as placed inside right there.
NWBrewer NWBrewer11 months ago
Can you wash it?
Shenzhen (author)  NWBrewer11 months ago
Yes, I can wash it without any problem.
dad_a_monk6 months ago
May have always been answered, how long does the battery pack last before charge is drained?
Grrr make that, May have already been answered,
Shenzhen (author)  dad_a_monk6 months ago
Before batteries run, approximately 1.5 hours.
Now I use rf dimmer and battery runs 3-5 hours, bacause I can choose the power in accordance with the ambient temperature:

breszler7 months ago
What prevents overheating. And fire
Shenzhen (author)  breszler7 months ago
Just like any other heater, the carbon tape can be heated in a wide temperature range. As well as using, e.g. nichrome heating wire shortcut circuit can result in a considerable overheating and even fire. Any heating appliance must comply with the terms of use. Naturally, this requires a basic knowledge and experience.
First you need to calculate the correct length of the tape. It depends on the desired temperature, heating area and planned voltage.
leviwilner8 months ago

Wow this is great!!

How much power will I need to keep water from freezing in a hose? the fabric dimensions would be 88.9cm x 35mm. I want the battery to be as light as possible also

Shenzhen (author)  leviwilner8 months ago
1. Water temperature?
2. Pipe diameter?
3. Water speed?
4. Air temperature?
5. Air speed?
6. Is it possible to cover carbon tape with some insulation?

1. ~4.4C

2. 6mm inside diameter

3. same as drinking though a straw

4. ~ -7C

5. 0

6. yes there would be insulation over the tape.

Shenzhen (author)  leviwilner8 months ago

Depend on insulation quality and thickness it will be enouph one piece of 90 cm 44 mm carbon tape at 3,7v.

Great Thanks!

Navy_Chief10 months ago
Do you have a sketch of the electrical connections on the vest, I am not clear as to how this is wired, it appears that the wiring is connected in multiple spots on one continuous ribbon....
Shenzhen (author)  Navy_Chief10 months ago
The tape is divided into 6 equal parts1 meter of each. Parts are wired  to obtain 6 parts in  parallel. The first figure below shows the wiring on the vest. The second figure shows the equivalent circuit.
sferrl11 months ago
Hey guys, for the battery pack , i found a cool AA battery holder so you can make your own sort of. Looks pretty nice. I plan on useing it if i make a vest like this.
ant...1 year ago
Dear Shenzen - Ive been working on a 12v DC magnet electrical connector, similar in use to the ones powering Apple Mac laptops. The idea being they snap together automatically when inn close proximity and pull apart without damaging the connection. I think it would be ideal for powering the you heated vest from a motorcycle or connecting the vest to pants, to socks, gloves etc.
Shenzhen (author) 1 year ago
I've already made for hands:

and for feet:
(instructables will be later)
Misac-kun1 year ago
Now, do somthing for the arms.
Shenzhen (author) 1 year ago
Thank you, Mario!
I think you're right.
It's too much warm for my back If to lean against the back of the seat.
So, it will be less carbon tape on back In my next heated vest.
Or maybe it will be better to split carbon tape and make two independent controllers.
mario591 year ago
I think on a "smart idea for a heated vest: Not every part of the body needs to be warmed, since i.e. shoulders are usually "colder" than the back, so the heating elements could be "concentraded" or focused only where needed, saving power for an eventual battery pack meanwhile givin' a wharmer "feel".
Look at this image: HERE
You could keep the carbon tape only in the colder areas, where the hotter are already well served by the blood.
I ever thought that such vests could be very useful expecially in nowaday's winters where extreme cold could be found instantly, even during a walk.
So "focused on zone" could be a way to better (if possible) this smart idea!
Shenzhen (author) 1 year ago
As we can cut any length of tape we can made heater for any voltage. This one I made specially for 12V but the main idea was to make a jacket with a big heated area. Unlike conventional heated jackets in which heaters are in pads, my vest heats uniformly and heater do not interfere if to lean against the back of the seat.
So it's really very comfortable.
ricebean1 year ago
This could be used with any 12vdc source correct? I love the concept, wonder how well it would work as heated car seats?
Shenzhen (author) 1 year ago
Picture with controller will be later.
anasdad1 year ago
Nice! I know that it's an easy thing to wire the controller, but can you add the controller's info and a picture or two of it?
Shenzhen (author) 1 year ago
It's about 50 degrees and I usually don't turn it on full power.
With a full power my 18650 2700mA can work up to 90 min.
How warm does it get? And the runtime on a set of batteries?