Picture of Detailed Woven Duct Tape Wallets Instructable

Yeah, yeah, it's another Duct Tape wallet instructable.

How boring, right?

The reason I'm doing this one is that I'll try to agglomerate knowledge about building all kinds of Duct Tape wallets and going into detail on a lot of aspects so that you'll be able to build the Duct Tape wallet of your dreams!

I'm going to tell you about tapes, I'm going to tell you about techniques and possibly throw in a few pieces of maker wisdom in between. Some of the techniques might be very simple, if not obvious, but the descriptions will be aimed at complete beginners. The techniques presented here are techniques I either picked up somewhere or came up with on my own and decided to be good enough or the best of the techniques I know of to achieve a certain objective related to working with duct tape. Some might take a little practice to pull off, but should certainly be worth learning. You'll never know when they might come in handy.

To summarize, this instructable will be bigger, longer and uncut!...props to those who get the reference ;)

if you just want to check out different wallets, see first (this) and last page!


'twas the year of 2011, I'm a happy owner of a real nice leather wallet, strolling around the neighborhood and when whipping my mighty leather wallet out to pay for something (I can neither confirm nor deny the purchase of surplus doomsday devices) when I notice something about my fine wallet - it was broken! To be precise, the seams on the inside were coming apart due to all the change I always carried around, it basically got destroyed from the inside out.

Drats, and I really liked that wallet, too. Took me ages to find one that suited my needs and really fit my aesthetics.

When I went home I thought about it and remembered you can make your own wallets pretty easily from Duct Tape.

A solution was in sight! I had some tape lying around, but no idea how to make a wallet. I already knew of instructables.com, so I checked and found a bunch of instructables which, combined together, gave birth to my very first Duct Tape wallet, a rather simple, silver one which I have and use to this very day! It's a bit beaten up by now, so I'll be making a replacement someday soon, but that's another story.

Anyway, the thought of making, modifying and adapting all sorts of wallets became pretty likeable. I reached a pretty decent level at making those wallets when someone asked me to make a tutorial for a woven wallet, which I did.

I took hundreds of pictures (I think it was about 500, no joke here), batch-processed them with a HDR tonemapper (I was too lazy to do all of these by hand, so try to overlook any chromatic aberrations and such) and wrote a tutorial. Having become a member on instructables I thought you might like this lengthy instructable as well!


First I wanted to make an acceptable substitute for my broken leather wallet.

Then I wanted to learn a lot of different techniques and explore the possibilities I had for making Duct Tape wallets.

Lastly, I wanted to write an instructable detailing how to make awesome Duct Tape wallets.

Safety Advice:

This instructable invovles working with scissors and scalpels / exacto knives / cutter knives.

Those tools are sharp, so be careful and watch what you are doing and how you are handling your tools.

Also try to not tape yourself to the wall or ceiling in the process. It's pretty hard to get down on your own.

Hkbro11 months ago
bro beans this looks so cool im gonna try to make it
CabbitCastle (author)  Hkbro11 months ago

Be sure to upload a picture or two of your finished wallet as I'd love to see your results!

vader0ne1 year ago

I got one when i joined the possum lodge with Red Green and it has a lifetime replacement.And I love it .I will have to try your style tho...Cheers.

CabbitCastle (author)  vader0ne1 year ago

I have complete faith in your abilities and I am sure yours will turn out exactly as splendid as planned, Lord Vader.

(please don't force-choke me)

So many duct tape projects - so little time... :/

this looks great and very professional. I especially like the quality of the instruction itself. Your instructable could be used as a tutorial on how to write these things.

CabbitCastle (author)  Bannockburn1 year ago


I tried to make it easy to follow and replicate and intend to keep future instructables that way.

Abigail021 year ago
Wow! What a awesome looking wallet!
CabbitCastle (author)  Abigail021 year ago

I'm glad you like it!

Ironwave1 year ago

Ive seen store bought wallets worse than this.
Freakin awesome.

CabbitCastle (author)  Ironwave1 year ago

You flatter me!

rachel79891 year ago
this is best
CabbitCastle (author)  rachel79891 year ago

Thank you!

This is probably the nicest duct tape wallet I've ever seen!

Thank you, I appreciate it.

ldunne11 year ago
Haha south park
CabbitCastle (author)  ldunne11 year ago

Have a refrigerated beverage of your choice so that I can toast to you.

Cheers mate!