I just learned how to sew last month, solely because I wanted to make the craft fair table cover by jessyratfink and how to make "green" swifter duster covers by craftknowitall.Thank you jesyratfink and craftknowitall, this is my 3rd little project and my first sewing instructable. I have been having lots of fun. So here it goes   :)

This is my dog Charlie. She is a special little dog. I got her from the pound. She is super smart and does some cool tricks like fall to the ground and play dead when I  say "BANG !!" She gives kisses and hugs on command. I really love having her in my life. Anyway she tends to get colder then my other dogs since she is small and has less fur. So I set out to make my baby warm.I used some material that I already had on hand and reused the stuffing from my old couch cushions. Here is how I did it...

Step 1: Items You Will Need

a sturdy material for the bottom
a material of your choice for the top
a nice warm and snuggly material for the blanket
I will explain the size of fabric you need in the next step

a needle and thread
tape measure
scissors and/or rotary cutter(i call it my pizza cutter, lol)
pin cushion
ruler and cutting mat (if you choose to use a rotary cutter)
sewing machine (or not but it would take alot longer)
some sort of filler (I happened to have the cushions from my old couch, so I took the stuffing from that) you can use old throw pillows from your house or yard sales or even from a  thrift store. or you can buy polyester fill from craft stores or Walmart.
<p>I loved it so much I made one for my little Cavoodle!</p><p>Thanks for sharing your patern.</p>
Awesome! I need to make this for my pooch!
<p>This I really need to do to my little &quot;frozen&quot; bullterrier :)</p>
What dog is that what breed
What dog is that what breed
What dog is that what breed
What dog is that what breed
<p>I have a Teacup Chihuahua and he gets cold easily.so this would be perfect for him. Can not wait to make this bed for him </p>
<p>What a lovely DIY! We've featured you over on the FaveCrafts Blog! :)</p><p>http://www.favecrafts.com/blog/fc/diy-dog-bed-diy-cat-house/</p>
<p>That is so cute. I will have to make two. I have a rat terrier and his son a poodle rat terrier mix.</p>
<p>I made this and your instructions were great. However, sewing on the velcro after the fact took me longer than making the rest of the bed. For anyone else making this, I would advise sewing on the velcro to the bottom piece of the bed before sewing the top piece of the bed to it. In other words, sewing on the velcro should be the first sewing step you do - even before pinning it together. You will just have to judge where you want the pieces. I chose to do 6 small pieces of velcro - 2 on each of the 3 sides. Happy sewing everyone!</p>
<p>I made this for a textiles award with my school. Thank you for the tutorial it was very easy to follow. I didn't make the little blanket over the top as Poppy, my dog would've eaten it. Your dog is so cute! Definitely recommend, even for beginners :) </p>
Excellent tutorial. Thanks so much for the work you did on it.
Wow this looks great. And your sewing machine setup is awesome...love it...beautiful!
Sooo cool! Would be great to make one for Christmas for those family (and friends) with dogs! Love it! :)
Thank you. Yes, that's a good idea.I will be making a few too. :)
I love the bed part. I never thought about making one that way. I will definatly make one for a throw to sit on the floor on, for grand kids. Tha would be wonderful. Thanks a lot. <br>
That's a good idea. :)
Very nice dog bed, i am thinking of getting my sister to make me one.
Thank you. That would be nice. Please feel free to post a pic if she does. :)
i JUST realized that you have blue carpet LOL. :D wow, that thing is so cute, and i luv charlie! :D she knows that bed is hers! :)
Lol, yes blue carpet.Thanks for noticing. ;) Yes. Charlie <strong>loves</strong> her bed.
thank you ,me too.
Looks like a very comfy doggie bed! I love how the outside and inside are section off from each other!

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