Picture of Domino's Pizza Box Airplane $35
Ever wondered what you could do with your old pizza box..? 

This is an easy step by step guide on how to build your own airplane from an old pizza box! It was a project I did one evening to show what can be achieved with such basic materials with a very low budget, roughly $35 (excluding radio control set)!!

It flies pretty nice and if your power to weight ratio is good enough you can get it to hover too!!

You'll have to let me know how you get on! Happy Building :D, from Phil Reilly www.philreillydesigns.com and Darren Lewis www.darrenmlewis.com


Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Here is a list of parts and tools that are required.


·         Glue gun
·         Craft knife
·         Drill
·         Pen
·         Ruler
·         Scissors
·         Pliers


·         Dominos pizza boxes x2
·         1 large Domino’s pizza, preferably chicken (note: other pizza establishments are available)
·         FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv  $6.45
·         8” slow flyer Propeller 8045R     $2.63
·         Colet 3mm (to attach propeller to motor)  $1.22
·         Brushless motor ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)  $6.72
·         9g servo motors x3    $9.45
·         Radio transmitter and receiver (the transmitter needs elevon mixing capabilities or you need to buy an elevon mixing odule)
·         3 cell Lipo battery (approx. 150g or less)  $9.82
·         45mm acrylic square, 2mm thick (can be any lightweight and rigid material; for mounting the motor)
·         Four m3 bolts and nuts
·         High density polystyrene long block (to mount the motor and prop)
·         Wooden kebab skewers (to connect servo to ailerons and rudder flaps)
·         Thin rigid metal wire (to connect servo to ailerons and rudder flaps)
·         PVC sheet (or any other thin plastic or any other thin lightweight and strong material; for attaching the servo linkage to flap)
·         Gaffe tape
·         Glue for the glue gun


This is presented as a project that costs $35.00, but the transmitter/receiver alone costs $60.00. Am I missing something?

Darren Lewis (author)  mattmiller621 year ago

The transmitter/receiver I used cost $30 (Turnigy 9X). The $35 cost does exclude this, as we make the assumption that some RC dabblers often use one transmitter across multiple UAVs.

Thanks for your response. Where did you find the $30 transceiver?
Darren Lewis (author)  mattmiller621 year ago

I used the Turnigy 9X from HobbyKing

Hey Jude2 years ago
Hey Darren! Good luck with the Comp. Nice work! Glad all the RC efforts went to a good cause for humanity. (I still can't believe Domino's didn't sponsor you - shame on them!)
Patrick S2 years ago
Very cool idea! Insta-RC plane.
jdays2 years ago
Dude! how much you paid for a Domino's Pizza XD !
umar242 years ago
does it flies or just it stands there?
Mic1002 years ago

great work
since how long you practise the model aircraft making
to make this kind of plane
I will like begin with this kind from project :-)
J-Five2 years ago
I'll take a deep-dish pepperoni and sausage pizza.
You stole my idea
No just joking cool man cool
PeckLauros2 years ago
good work!
AndyGadget2 years ago
Great Instructable.
The PBF (pizza box flier) is a well established breed of RC plane, named because of the shape, but this is the first time I've seen one made of a pizza box which actually delivers as well.
(Nice editing ;-)
I think it would be useful if you added a bit more detail in the wiring section with a close-up of the ESC after connection (and what to do if your prop spins the wrong way).

Darren Lewis (author)  AndyGadget2 years ago
Thanks for your feedback, I'll try to add this in.

(Was that a propelloroni pizza you delivered? #;¬) 

Darren Lewis (author)  AndyGadget2 years ago
It was chicken onion and sweetcorn ;)
darman122 years ago
I can't believe that thing actually flies! Fantastic job :)
Also, your Dominos boxes are different than the ones I get... still trying to figure out which one I like best.
Darren Lewis (author)  darman122 years ago
I would go for the bigger the better to increase surface area for more lift. This will also make it able to fly slower which is much easier I find. Don't forget to post it when you've made it, I'd love to see it!
Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely post some pictures!
I love this, so much.
darman122 years ago
I think I'm going to make this. I have an extra RC plane that I can gut. I just need to buy a slow flyer propeller.
Kiteman2 years ago
Awesome project - I hope you're going to keep posting other cool instructables?
tech savvy2 years ago
hey great instructable ,
it mix's two of my favorite things pizza and airplanes ,
nice work
efahrenholz2 years ago
Put a pizza in it and fly it to my doorstep ftw
M3G2 years ago
Very cool. I love how you repurposed the pizza box!
Haha this is pretty cool! Good work!