Haters of messy pan cupboards everywhere... rejoice! This quick cupboard door modification will leave you with more time to enjoy cooking dinner and sipping wine and less time searching for that elusive pan lid that's hidden itself inside your deepest stock pot or slipped down behind that slow cooker you've never used.

Don't have a local pound/dollar store to buy sticky hooks?? Try these from Amazon!

I first did a similar hack a few years ago whilst a student. Finding pan lids annoyed me as much then as it does now and so after seeing a very elegant solution on Instructables, I set out to make it even simpler. Having moved house several times since then, I was impressed when a friend improved on my previous idea, at which point I realised my current house has the same problem... PAN LIDS EVERYWHERE. iceng's uses the existing fixings in the cupboard, which made me think, can there be an even simpler solution? And, since my cupboard fixings were in the wrong place for his hack, here we are. Cheap and easily available sticky hooks.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need.... *drum roll* ... sticky hooks and a pencil! That is it. I found these 16 hooks for £1 in a pound store. Be sure to choose ones that aren't too small.
<p>Love it! Doing it today!</p>
FantaSTIC!! And so simple! My lids were annoying me yesterday - I'm going tho do this today. Thanks for the post!
<p>i need this in my kitchen </p>
<p>Awesome ... </p>
<p>Thanks!</p><p>I did it using vinyl-coated steel cup hooks from Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.com/p/OOK-7-8-in-20-lb-White-...</p><p>$2 for 4 screw hooks.</p><p>They screw into the wood for a bit more security. They can accommodate thicker lids if you use pliers to unbend the hooks a bit - just gotta be careful you don't rip the vinyl coating.</p>
<p>I did this and love it. BUUUT, I had to make readjustments. You need to watch how the shelves and lids line up. I couldn't close the door because the lids were in the way. But after a little relocation it's perfect. Less jumbled mess in the cabinet and easy to find the right lid. </p>
<p>This is genius. &deg;,&deg;</p>
<p>I just did this and love it. Fortunately I already had command strips. I'll pick up a few more and put some inside the cupboard as well. Thanks!</p>
<p>If you use 3M Command hooks and make very sure that the surface to which they are applied is clean, that will not happen. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but I swear by this brand for this kind of application.</p>
<p>My problem with this idea is that adhesives aren't forever; they will fail and usually at the worst possible moment. It's a nice idea, don't get me wrong, but those hooks need some form of more permanent help.</p>
<p>GLUE GUN</p>
<p>I would definitely add a small screw for peace of mind.</p>
<p>Was thinking the same.</p>
<p>I installed the same system yesterday after receiving online purchase of new pots and pans. I utilized cup hooks I had on hand with tubing slipped on for scratch protection. My wife loves it and it sure bears rummaging for the right lid. Excuse the multiple images. New to this.</p><p>Zapp</p>
<p>Awesome idea! I need all the space I can get in my tiny apartment. Thanks.</p>
<p>Jeeze, why didn't I ever think about that. I'm 3D printing my mounts right now!</p>
<p>I think there are medications to help with that blood pressure issue.</p>
<p>What's your problem. Would you rather I buy one from some uber corporation paying some third world worker a couple of bucks a day? Perhaps you own stock in one.</p><p>Why can't I enjoy making my own with RECYCLABLE CORN-BASED PLASTIC? dummy.</p>
Yeah!! Like Jim said.
<p>Well said. Thumbs up!</p>
<p>Maybe he hates buying things with &quot;Made in PRC&quot; written on them! (I agree, but we're powerless!)</p>
<p>Alas, it's true in so many cases. But jeeze:)</p>
<p>Great tip! Unfortunately, I live in a mobile home that has a hideously severe lack of storage and the smallest kitchen cabinets on the planet. To solve my lid storage problem, I took advantage of my pantry door and used towel bars.</p>
Awesome idea. I live in a travel trailer/camper. This will work in my pantry. Thanks for sharing.
<p>You're welcome ;-) Every little bit helps in small spaces!</p>
<p>Geat idea ,,I have same issue, i live in mobile too,, by the way love your outfit,lol </p>
<p>It's a pot lid, it's a mirror! :D</p>
<p>Me much more like towel bars. Using adhesive hooks means living dangerously, IMO - they can't even hold a wet towel, IME.</p>
Thanks. A variety of options is always a good thing. I have an aversion to using the plastic hooks, so using towel bars was a better solution for me ;-)
<p>GREAT IDEIA </p><p>Very simple and ultra functional, using the dead spaces. You solve my problems in the kitchen with evil cookware lids.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Couldn't find a pound store here in GA, USA )couldn't resist!) so went to my local home center and purchased the widest hooks I could find. Still weren't quite wide enough for my metal lids. Then I remembered I some rare earth magnets. Superglued a couple in place and it worked like a charm. Certainly more expensive than the hooks but it is a workable solution. </p>
<p>old computer hard drive's are a good source of a very strong magnet </p>
<p>Great idea! Congrats!</p>
<p>Nice, i have the same drawer pulls in our kitchen!</p>
<p>I love it, already ordered the hooks on Amazon. </p><p>Just a thought, has anyone tried this strong magnets? </p>
<p>Yes! Couldn't find hooks wide enough for my Tramontina lids so superglued some strong magnets on the door. Works like a charm!</p>

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