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Introduction: Easiest Cupboard Pan Lid Organiser

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Haters of messy pan cupboards everywhere... rejoice! This quick cupboard door modification will leave you with more time to enjoy cooking dinner and sipping wine and less time searching for that elusive pan lid that's hidden itself inside your deepest stock pot or slipped down behind that slow cooker you've never used.

Don't have a local pound/dollar store to buy sticky hooks?? Try these from Amazon!

I first did a similar hack a few years ago whilst a student. Finding pan lids annoyed me as much then as it does now and so after seeing a very elegant solution on Instructables, I set out to make it even simpler. Having moved house several times since then, I was impressed when a friend improved on my previous idea, at which point I realised my current house has the same problem... PAN LIDS EVERYWHERE. iceng's uses the existing fixings in the cupboard, which made me think, can there be an even simpler solution? And, since my cupboard fixings were in the wrong place for his hack, here we are. Cheap and easily available sticky hooks.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need.... *drum roll* ... sticky hooks and a pencil! That is it. I found these 16 hooks for £1 in a pound store. Be sure to choose ones that aren't too small.

Step 2: Marking

Hold up your selection of pan lids against the cupboard door. Things you may want to consider are whether the bottom one will stick out too far into your cupboard and interfere with objects sitting on the bottom shelf. Position it high enough that it won't do this.

When you think you've got a good layout, hold a pan lid up against the cupboard door and draw a mark in pencil at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock. If you draw them too close to 3 and 9 it will fall out, if you draw them too close to 5 and 7 it might not be so stable.

Step 3: Sticking

Peel the tabs off the stick pad and slap the hooks on the door with the hooks pointing to the approximate center of where the pan will be. No need to be too precise here.

Step 4: Enjoy!

We're done. It's that simple!

Enjoy your newly less hectic pan cupboard.

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Brilliant! And without turning the hanging of a few lids into a 10 phase government project!

Peel-off adhesives stick better if the area is wiped w/alcohol first and both area and stuckum are warmed w/hair dryer or even a wet washcloth (esp when applied to smooth surfaces). That said, the hooks I've bought from dollar stores usually fall off within a few months, and I've given up on them. If I WERE to use them for lids, esp glass ones, I'd drill a hole in each and secure with a tiny wood screw--1/2 inch max. OR: use cup hooks. I'd also put the heaviest lids closer to the hinges--the doors on most cabinets are just laminate-covered slabs of glued wood chips, very susceptible to weight pulling down on the hinges. Those are glass lids--heavy--not light metal.

Jeez, this is 3 years old. Recycling are we?


New to this also. Just because it's old news to you, doesn't mean is old news to everyone.

Like the lids. Pots are just pots.

What????? Not making any sense with "Like the lids. Pots are just pots."

The pots suck. The lids came with them on bottom.


I am new to Instructables so I'm glad this idea was recycled. It will make it so much easier to find the right lid, and my arthritic back and knees need that.

100 screw in hooks for $3.00. Heat shrink cushioning and yes, the pots that came with the lids aren't anything special.