Step 6: Enjoy!

The pizza comes out looking all sorts of fantastic.  Using my new crust method, the biscuits actually still cook sort of separately and round out a bit, but that's okay.  It makes it easy to cut very even slices. 

A few observations-  I think it works better to cut from the middle out, because the toppings tend to slide all around and will otherwise bunch in the middle.  Also, the crust is very soft. Because of that, it behaves a bit differently than normal pizza crust.  It doesn't stick when it is warm, but once it cools off it will stick to the cooking stone/plates/etc.  Of course the easiest solution is to consume it all before it cools off!

This is sweet instructable 16, and it's also entered in the bacon contest.  Ratings, comments and votes are most appreciated.  And, like always, post a picture of your creation, and I'll reward you with a digital patch!

Hmm biscuit pizza?Rather reluctant to this.
What's the old expression... don't knock it till you try it? My Mom and Dad really liked it, as did I. My little brother wasn't a huge fan, but mostly because he didn't like the alfredo sauce, not because of the crust. It's definitely easier to make than pizza crust, and I prefer the finished product. I guess to each their own though!
won't the taste be a little off? since your not baking it your kinda cooking it
It's baked in the oven. If the taste is "off", it's because of the different crust, but I actually prefer this crust to normal pizza crust.
Ummm..&quot;gravey bisquit pizza&quot; !!! gotta do it!<br><br>nice job ;)<br>
Interesting idea, combining the two... of course you need to take some pictures for us!
this is epic :DDDD
.&nbsp; Yummmm.<br> .&nbsp; The only thing better on a biscuit is gravy. ;)
Mmmm, gravy!

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