I love all colors of rich wood...that God has given us and always like to incorporate various wood colors in my projects. Unfortunately exotic colored wood is very expensive and sometimes hard to come by.
Therefore I'm really grateful for wood stains!
Here is a easy as can get slat mat. If you do an online search you would find many slat mats with colors and almost all are drilled.
This is so simple it is just right for a beginners project

Step 1: Materials

Sheet of rubber
wooden slats cut to equal lengths ( mine is 20" x 1"  x 3/4")
Wood preservative
wood stain ( oil or water based)
clear polythene varnish
These are so cool! I want to rent a bunch of these to decorate for a corporate party we're going to be having soon. Do you know of a place that does <a href="http://www.cityclean.ca/products.php" rel="nofollow">mat rental</a> where I could get something like this? Thanks!
This is really nice.
simply love it....
Thanks :-)
waw...........amezing...........................! very cool...............! I will also try to create it..................................thanks mam for this amazing idea....................!
Your Welcome! please don't forget to rate and vote in the 2 contests
I agree with your mom! Wall art would be pretty! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see more. <br>Sunshiine
Thanks for your comment :-)...you are always the first to comment...and always so encouraging! <br>I'm in the process of finishing a lamp which i was mentioned to you (tin punching) I hope to put it up tomorrow in the wood care contest and make it stick contest...hope you like it :-)
I love tin art! I have done any but I do plan on it sometime. I look forward to seeing it! I will definitely take a peek! Thanks for the heads up! Sunshiine
Both the wall art and the <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Scrap-Wood-Lamp/" rel="nofollow">Tin art lamp </a>is done! hope you like it. :-)
This looks pretty easy..even i can do it.:-) .so....where is the wall art??
Beautiful.Looking forward to see your wall art.
This is really nice.I like it the way you stain it.I think you should convert in to wall art ,then another instructable.Thanks for sharing.
This is gorgeous! how would you convert it to wall art?? please post pictures :-)

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