Step 5: Use your imagination...BUBBLE BOWLS!

You are not limited by much when choosing molds for your concrete garden treasure. The bowl in the intro was created using what is typically known as a Bubble or Cell bowl. As it is difficult to explain, pictures have been provided. One of the pictures features a copyright message. Not to worry, it is mine. Love you, Dave's Garden!

The glass bowl in the first image is shown upside down. Typically, it is filled with artificial flowers, then turned upside down to allow the bowl to be used, while still being able to see the flowers inside the glass bubble. Look closely and you will see the indented bubble in the middle. The only opening to this 'bubble' is the one you see at the top. This bubble can be filled. I hope I've made sense.

* Updated to include additional images. So many of you did not understand what a Bubble Bowl was, and I understand. It is hard to imagine without a picture. :-)

When filled with concrete, allowed to dry, then flipped upside down, the glass is carefully broken from the concrete, leaving a heavy and very durable bowl. Don't forget to recycle the broken glass.

I hope you have enjoyed this Instructable as much as I have enjoyed making it.
tr.jay.76 months ago

is it possible to use the ordinary glass cereal bowls? i cant find these in my country.

WUVIE (author)  tr.jay.76 months ago

Hello, oh, yes, you can actually get very creative by combining bowls, too. You might even visit a second-hand store, and play with various bowls, putting them inside one another, etc.

You might even consider using an adhesive to connect them so they form an inner bowl, then after they are dry, you could add concrete and proceed. You might still have to break the glass, depending on the shape of the glass.

I'm so sorry it took so long to respond, I've been rather inattentive of my messages lately.

Many thanks!


gerrielder2 years ago
Where can you find those bowls?
WUVIE (author)  gerrielder2 years ago
Hi Gerrielder,

And THAT is the question. :-) I've had good luck finding them in second-hand stores on occasion, thrift shops, yard sales and such. They are made by various manufacturers, but are a fad from days gone by pretty much. I'm constantly on the lookout for them. I've paid as much as $8.00 and as little as $1.00 at a yard sale, with the most recent from a second-hand shop for a mere $1.50.