The ancient Egyptians wore exotic jewelries made out of so many things to guard them from evil forces. Even the dead were decorated with jewelries like collars, bracelets, earrings and anklets. Though many items were used to make jewelries, the Egyptians liked gold more than anything else as gold represented the flesh of the gods and the fire of the sun.

Here, I have tried my hands on making a piece of Necklace for the Egyptian Prince using gold plated beads and accessories which also includes multifaceted purple crystal beads and a Turquoise Oval Pendant to represent the Scarab.

Though, the necklace looks very complicated, it is hand made and very easy to make as you will see in this step-by-step Instructable.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • 3 mm size gold plated beads about 1200 numbers (You need exactly 1154 numbers. It is better to buy few extra)
  • 5 mm size gold plated beads 245 numbers
  • 3 mm x 5 mm pear shaped gold plated beads 80 pieces
  • 6 mm size multifaceted purple crystal beads 80 pieces
  • Gold plated Eye pins 240 numbers
  • Gold plated wire about 4 meters. (I got strands of 60 centimeter long wire)
  • Turquoise Oval Pendant one number
  • Stone set triangle end pieces 2 numbers
  • Crimp locks 8 pieces
  • 3" long gold plated chain with "S" hooks
Few notes on selection of materials

  • Make sure the eye pins are long enough to accommodate all the beads with enough space for the eye at the open end also
  • The size of the crystal beads should not be more than 6 mm. Otherwise there will be noticeable gap in the necklace
  • The combination of 3 mm and 5 mm golden beads along with 6 mm size crystal beads is well suited for this jewelry.

Step 2: Tools

  • Wire cutter
  • Round nosed plier

Step 3: Making the Beaded Links

  • Take an eye pin and insert 5 numbers of 3 mm size beads
  • Make an eye on the other end using the round nosed pliers
  • Now the beads are secured with the pins

You need a total of 158 pieces of these beaded links. Make a few extra links as they may come in handy.

Step 4: Making the Crystal and Gold Beaded Links

  • Take an eye pin
  • Insert the crystal bead
  • Insert one 3 mm size bead
  • Insert one pear shaped bead
  • Again insert one 3 mm bead
  • Now close the open end with an eye using the round nosed pliers.

You need about 80 numbers of these links

Step 5: Make the Turquoise Oval Pendant

  • Take a 2" long piece of wire
  • Make an eye at one end using round nosed pliers
  • Insert one 3 mm size bead
  • Insert the wire through the holes in the turquoise oval pendant
  • Add another 3 mm bead at top of oval pendant
  • Trim extra wire using the wire cutter
  • Close the open end with an eye using round nosed pliers

Step 6: Preparing the Wires

The wires around the neck portion should be stiff enough to retain the shape. So, I have used 3 strands of 60 centimeter long gold plated wires and twisted them together to make a single piece.

Step 7: Assemble the Top Portion of the Necklace

Assembling the top portion of the necklace is very easy.

Take the twisted strands of wire and alternately insert a 5 mm golden bead and 3 mm beaded link. You need to insert 80 numbers of each piece, which will make the circumference between 45 to 50 centimeters, suitable for an adult.

The completed top portion will look like this as in the picture above.

Step 8: Assembling the Middle Portion of the Necklace

This step is also very simple as the earlier one.

Take a single strand of wire and start from one end alternating between 5 mm golden beads and crystal beaded links all the way down to the other end. The wire will also pass through the bottom eyes of the earlier finished top portion of the necklace.

You can see the partly finished necklace after this step in the picture above.

Step 9: Assembling the Bottom Portion of Necklace

Before assembling the bottom portion of the necklace, count and mark the center of the necklace. You can temporarily tie a piece of wire to mark the central link.
  • Take a single strand of wire and start from one end.
  • Alternate between 5 mm beads and 3 mm beaded links, passing through the bottom eyes of the crystal beaded links. You can carry on adding beads and links just a link before the marked center.
  • Place the Turquoise Oval Pendant in position and measure beads required by using a 3 mm beaded pin. In my case, 9 pieces of 3 mm beads will match perfectly with the Turquoise Oval Pendant.
  • Make two 3 mm beaded links with 9 beads and make eyes on both ends using Round nosed pliers
  • Attach one piece to the bottom eye of the crystal beaded link passing the wire through the eye to the piece right of the center.
  • Attach the Turquoise Oval Pendant to the center link by passing the wire through the eyes.
  • Attach another 9 beaded link on the other side of the Turquoise Oval Pendant. Take care to add 5 mm beads in between.
  • Carry on as before with 5 beaded links all the way down to the other end.

You can see the partly finished necklace in the picture here after completing this step.

Step 10: Connect the Bottom Eyes

Now we can connect all the bottom eyes at the bottom portion of the necklace.
  • Take a single strand of wire and start from one end
  • Insert the wire through the outer most bottom eye of the beaded link
  • Add 2 pieces of 3 mm size beads. Both this beads will make a total of 6 mm width and match with the crystal beads
  • Pass the wire through the next eye and add another two 3 mm beads.
  • Continue passing through the eyes and adding beads till you reach the 9 beaded link portion.
  • Here, add four pieces of 3 mm beads and pass the wire through the eye.
  • Add three beads adjacent to the Turquoise Oval Pendant on both sides.
  • Again add four beads and pass the wire through the 5 beaded link.
  • You can continue adding two beads in between all the way to the other end of the necklace.

Our main portion of the necklace is completed in all respects other than the ends as you can see in the picture here. 

Step 11: Crimp Lock the Wires

We have used three strands of wire twisted together at the top. Untwist the wires and separate them. Trim two of the wires leaving one strand. Now we have single strand of wires at all the four edges. Insert crimp locks to all the four strands at one end and crimp with the pliers.

Adjust all the beaded links without any gap and crimp lock the wires at the other end.

Step 12: Finish the Ends

  • To finish the ends, add nine pieces of 3 mm beads on the end wires and add six pieces of 3 mm beads on the center wires.
  • Insert these wires through the holes of a stone set end piece
  • Twist the wires securely behind the end piece
  • Trim excess wire and bush the trimmed ends inside the back of the end piece
  • Attach a 3" piece of chain to the end pieces using "S" hooks

Our Egyptian Necklace for the prince is completed in all respects

Step 13: Completed Necklace

This is the final photograph of the finished Necklace. I could not find a Scarab, so I have used a similar looking turquoise oval pendant for this project.

I am not a professional jewelry maker. However, I am satisfied with the outcome. My nephew, a 12 year old boy, volunteered to wear it for the introductory image.

Hope you will find this Instructable useful in making Egyptian Jewelry...

<p>It's awesome. Great job.</p>
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<p>Nice butfor comfort theauthentic item would have a counterweight on the clasp at the back to counter the weight of the collar at the front. This would frequently have been as ornate as the front collar but smaller. Having made and worn a beaded collar the counterweight was a necessity for comfort. </p>
Wow beautiful<br>
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Wow beautiful<br>
Wow beautifu
<p>Lovely piece that really does give the ancient Egyptian look - well done.</p>
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<p>I thought about making this for my girlfriend </p>
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<p>If the jewelry is green&hellip;i will love it (○&rsquo;&omega;&rsquo;○) now just like it .But really amazing! ! Good jobㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)</p>
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<p>Wow.</p><p>This is amazingly beautiful. How long (hours) do you think it took to you make it?</p>
<p>Assembling the necklace took about four hours, but making those beaded links took lot of time, may be around 10 to 12 hours. Actually I worked on it for about a week</p>
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<p>Beautiful projects like this should be banned from any contest - what a crafmanship! ;)</p>
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<p>That is one mind blowing necklace Sir , Great Job.</p>

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