Did you know that you can produce electricity by just walking? Here's a little science experiment that will show you a little secret on making insoles that can charge USB devices! The challenge is to make a slip-on insole that can produce enough electricity to charge batteries/ USB devices.

Google Fair 2014:
This is my entry for Google's 2014 science fair. Please support us by hitting the like and share button on our YouTube video. The contest is YouTube based so getting a fair amount of likes and viewers would help a lot in getting us through the competition.

Thank you guys for the support! The project has qualified for the regional finalist and won a local award in GSF 2014! :D

Development of The Project:
The power generating soles are one of my first concept projects. I started my first prototype last five years ago although it was a very primitive, compared to my current design. My old prototype had two TO-3 plastic spacer sandwiched between two piezo discs. It produces a fair amount of current, enough to charge a Nokia 3310.

5 years later, I came back with the idea of using the sandwiched piezo setup, this time integrated to a charge collector and powerbank. So I thought, why not add 2 more pairs? After all, more is better.

Concept Behind The Project:
Piezoelectricity was present ever since mid-18th century. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics in response to applied mechanical stress. This sounds familiar! Yes they do, you can actually find those piezo elements in your old/ outdated earphones from the 90's.

Why Not Use Dynamos?
As much as possible, I tried to avoid using dynamos. Yes dynamos produce more electricity but it will feel like you've stuffed a rock in your shoe. Don't forget dynamos will create a lot of noise.

Any Practical Uses?
As funny as it sounds, charging a phone with your shoe isn't really joke. Who knows maybe someday shoe companies like Nike could use these insole generators to power fitness chips (inside shoes) that would sync to your phone wirelessly. This way, you don't have to charge your smart-shoes just to sync them with your phone.

Disclaimer: This is just a little science experiment. It will show you the concept of producing electricity using piezoelectric elements. Don't assume that is close in becoming a product.

GMA News Network/ Channel Coverage:

Step 1: This Project Was/ Will Be Featured In

People told me to post a list of pages/ shows where the project was featured/ aired.


National Television/ TV Shows/ News Channels:

- Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show (Pending)

- ABS-CBN Rated-K Show (June 15)

- GMA News & Unang Hirit

Daily Newspaper (National):

- Manila Bulletin Newpaper (June 18)

Newsletters And Blogs:

- I.F.L. Science Newsletter & FB

- TV5 Interaksyon Newsletter

- Philnews Newsletter

- GMA News Network

- Yahoo Homepage

- Yahoo News PH

- DamnGeeky

- TreeHugger


- Yugatech

- etc...

<p>I'm curious, since one side is somewhat elevated, how did you feel after the two hours? Any back pain or stress in the ball of the foot? Does it feel more spring like?<br><br>I certainly like the concept, piezos are definitely difficult to make work.</p>
<p>Surprisingly, it feel comfortable. The foams are squishy enough to make the insole feel like a gel slip-on. When jogging a 10-20% energy loss is expected due to the gaps of energy production. Jogging for at least for 3-4 hours should charge the battery full. A walk should take 5-6 hours to charge a 400mAh full, due to the 40% energy loss. </p><p>Don't forget that these peizo elements produce more energy when jumping. The weight of the user/ subject also affects the amount of energy produced. The heavier the subject, the higher the current. </p>
<p>hey i am mehar i had an idea about it. maybe you could have a battery storage . if it creates a AC current then later on you could pass the current through a mini step - up transformer like structure and you will obtain a much higher voltage .</p>
Hello , <br>ASCAS .. Can I have this shoes , I need to buy this shoe , from where?!<br><br>Ahmed
<p>bro i have an fantastic idea pls send me ur no. at rajmotiyani2012@gmail.com</p>
<p>Congrats for your prize in GSF 2014. I am also thinking of a project associated with piezoelectricity. But I don't know which piezoelectric transducers to use. I found the one in the link on internet, is it good?</p><p>http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-1pcs-diameter-50mm-40K-35W-ultrasonic-transducer-ceramic-chip-piezoelectric-ceramics/32228054695.html</p>
<p>Thank you for sharing, it is inspiring project</p>
<p>can u mail all the steps and details </p><p>maildj555@gmail.com</p>
<p>i have made 1 but it produced only 1 volt by hand pressure and only 0.4 volt by running!strange! plz help asap</p>
<p>Actually I am quite curious of how to generate lower voltage, may I ask what piezoelectric material did you use?</p>
<p>which piezo electric sensor is used here. what is the total cost of this?</p>
As the high volt be harmful then how to make it safe?? Please please answer me someone
<p>heh?what do you mean?safe in to humans or for charging.For charging you just need a step down module</p>
<p>no need now, i used a 5v regulator</p>
can I make shoe charger by using 4 piezo disc only..
<p>hi sir... can u tell me the measurement of piezoelectric transducer used in your project... Reply me fast sir..</p>
Yay!!! I made it!! it generates low volt though (8-10)volts.... if someone have any questions they can ask me here...
Can it charge a portable charger of 10000mA?
<p>How do you make one of this electricity generating footwear device?</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>i have a question, he said &quot;This leads to conclusion that you'll need to add one bridge diode per piezo element/ disc.&quot;...is it true?coz what ive seen is he has 6 piezodisk but only one bridge rectifier...</p>
<p>Very neatly done.</p>
<p>Can i please have the image of another part of this? Please respond</p>
<p>hey tell me how u connect this with the power with the circuit please that that green wire why u have pu it down in the pvc</p>
<p>Could I use this Piezo board to generate electricity <strong>Transducer Piezo 4200HZ 30V ABT-441-RC </strong>please Reply</p>
<p>ANd also please where is the updated version, Thank you</p>
<p>Please i need the full report,schematic and circuit diagram. I could not view mine.THANK YOU</p>
<p>This is not your original idea. Just saying</p>
<p>I'm not entirely sure, but I think it is. There are tons of people that're copying him</p>
You are a genius dude!
<p>hi po! I'm from Philippines! Where can I buy piezo disk? thaanks! God Bless!</p>
<p>i know a place but its in Davao ?</p>
<p>Hey ASCAS, I'm from Philippines too and me and my group decided to make this Project as our S.I.P project, is there any other way to make the Powerbank part safe? And How? Please Help and Thank You in advance. ^.^</p>
ASCAS, couldn't you have where you press facing down?
<p>did it really charge the power bank's battery? i doubt it...I'm trying to do a similar project</p>
<p>What was the green wire that passed under the hole for?</p>
<p>Is this actually an effective way to generate electricity? I like the idea.</p>
<p>i am confused , how to connect diode bridge for each piezo material..?</p><p>anybody answer me fast..</p>
<p>you have to do it with your hands.(if u have any)</p>
<p>it should be connected in palrell</p>
<p>we made it</p>
<p>we made it</p>
<p>we made it</p>
<p>i made it but it does not work pls point out mistakes and give some tips.</p><p> perhaps a detailed video with steps will help</p>
I did it
Hello , <br>ASCAS .. Can I have this shoes , I need to buy this shoe , from where?!<br><br>Ahmed
<p>very dirty</p>
<p>very dirty</p>
<p>hi! we also have the same concept with this one for our project... would you mind if we ask for your help? this is my email gcamiring@gmail.com and fb gretel camiring ty!!</p>
<p>hi! we also have the same concept with this one for our project... would you mind if we ask for your help? this is my email gcamiring@gmail.com and fb gretel camiring ty!!</p>

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