Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
I was looking thru a geek gear catalog and came upon this tee shirt
(best price $19 with free shipping)  www.bestofferbuy.com/WiFi-Detector-Shirt-Size-XXL-p-26584.html

you also need some double stick tape for fabric (sold at craft shops)
a 12v to 5v USB car adapter and some industrial double stick foam tape
(we ALL have that already!)

12v access in the back of your car (ignition switched power is best)

The design is animated, and shows Wi-Fi signal around the area
the less wi-fi the less bars display, also no wi-fi will turn the tower icon off

Here is a link to the shirt animated

Very good idea, but you NEED to give geek love to the home of the WiFi Shirt!

www.thinkgeek.com for all your geek needs!!

Keep Moving Foward my inventive Friends!