Introduction: Fireplace Makeover

Me and my wife ware not happy about that 1970 look in the middle of the family room, and after finding  jwilliamsen  Instructable about Rebuilding a Fireplace Surround, thank you by-the-way, I got inspired and decided to redo my fireplace. We both decided this is the look we want, and it gave me a place to mount a TV, and a way to get all my wires there. I also used this project as an excuse to buy more tools.
There was a little learning curve for me, first time I ever worked with Granite. Everything from cutting to polishing. Most important lesson learned, keep all fingers away from the grinder.
Between Ebay, Craigslist and Home Depot, this project was around $500.00 for material, and about $500.00 for tools. Just got done in time for the copycat challenge.
Thanks for looking.


Tastache made it! (author)2013-03-30

What a nice idea!! Excelent job!

Shateebough made it! (author)2013-03-19

Final work, look very realistic, great job

Upostionots made it! (author)2012-11-05

Good work! Looks amazing!

veracarters made it! (author)2012-08-07

Oh my goodness, this looks wonderful! Great job on the renovation!

freecarl made it! (author)2012-07-23

great job! it is an amazing look!

aimeee made it! (author)2012-07-13

Looks amazing! Awesome work.

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