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Welcome PacMan enthusiasts and shelf aficionados!  This instructable will show you how to build and install a floating shelf shaped just like one of the ghosts from the game.  The shelf shown below is approximately 30x30" overall, with free-floating eyes and body.  It sticks out about 5.5", which is just a little bit wider than a DVD case.  The eyes also conceal a hidden compartment (see pic #2).

Backstory:  I built this shelf for my sister for Christmas and she loved it.  The design was inspired by a ridiculously overpriced ($600), but totally awesome ghost shelf sold by Etsy member LightYourselfUp.  However, they recently took down their listing, so I figured I could make it myshelf (lol), with a few improvements such as hidden compartments in the eyes.  I also made a few minor changes to the shape of the ghost (moved eyes a bit to the left and changed the bottom layout, see pics #3 and #4) to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

You'll only need a few tools (miter saw and drill) for this relatively simple project.  For my shelf, which measures 30" wide and 28" tall, I used the materials listed below.  The total cost for everything was about $50 (the wood is most of it ~$35).

Note I used screws to join the wood pieces together, but if you have a biscuit joiner the assembly will go much faster and the final product will look better (no visible screws).

  • 20’ of 1x6 pine boards
  • 2’ of ¼”x6 poplar hobby board (for eyes, plywood might work too but is prone to warping)
  • (152) #8 1 ¼” screws (or 75 #20 biscuits if you have a biscuit joiner)
  • Blue, white, and black acrylic paint (4-8 oz. for body, 1-2 oz. for eyes)
  • (8) ¾” metal elbow brackets
  • (8) ½” wood screws
  • (8) Drywall anchors
  • 0.5"x8" strips of Velcro!

  • Miter or Table Saw
  • Drill or Drill Press (a lot easier)
  • #8 drill bit w/counter sink and Phillips head bit
  • Sand Paper
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Optional: Biscuit joiner
  • Tools for hanging:  tape measure, level, stud finder
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Very nice! I think my daughter would like this as well. :) <br> <br>One thing I would add to your design would be a plywood backing. Then you could attach the eyes to that and also paint it to make it &quot;pop&quot; even more. <br> <br>Well done... :)
Plywood would have made hanging the shelf 100x easier, but my sis liked seeing the wall behind it. Please post a pic of yours if you make one!
That is sweet!

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