This instructable will teach you how to master the art of turning an ordinary floss box into a super duper cool Floss Box Earphone Organizer. OK, its not that cool, but it is still function-able.

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P.S. If you want me to make an 'Ible for the I-WTF? (aka an oversized ipod nano with happy apple face), request it in the comments. If I get enough requests, I will show you, but it is really quite simple. :P

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1-Floss Box, any brand will work.
1-Earphone, again any brand
1-X-acto knife
1-MP3 device or object that requires earphones.
1-The need for an earphone organizer
I like the idea of the little plastic cylinder inside to tame the cord. I just wind mine up upon itself and cram it into the container (I use a gum container). <br> <br>It was suggested to me that maybe there was a way to set up some sort of rubber band mechanism within the container to wind the cord and &quot;lock&quot; it in place when not in use. That might not be practical with a small floss container but I bet you could do it with a mint tin. <br> <br>Clever work!
This is a great Idea, you could always decorate the Floss box with designer duct tape or whatever else comes to mind
Great idea! I always need something to keep my earbuds untangled. This is better than a curvyman and a lot cheaper too.
How do you wind the wires back up, do you have to take out that plastic bit and wrap them around each time? If so, that seems like a wasted step that could be removed.
Yeah you take out the plastic circle. You could try to shove the wire back in, but it doesn't work well doing so. I was thinking of using a tape measure's drawback method, but that is too powerful and complicated. Although this project is free and takes about 5-10 minutes!! :)
why did you add 3 of the same pictures?
yeah, sorry its my first instructable. Had some trouble with the pictures. I fixed it now.
Okey :)

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