I got old computer table that was in bad shape, panels were moving and it needed some fixing. Someone before me was nailing it and doing all sorts of things. To make it stable so it was not looking good at all. I need some work bench but I live in small apartment which i rent so i did not want to screw foldable bench to wall. Also i like option that I could move it around depending of place where I need to work.
Problem with small folding tables is that if desk top is small there is not much place to fold legs.
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Step 1: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
I am not giving exact measurements because it depends of table you are using as base and/or how big table you would like to make at the end. I'll give just guidelines by which I made my cats.

Min leg panel length = desktop -panel width * 2 -1cm

In my case
75-1.8*2 -1 = 70.4cm

I made round cuts with radius of 8cm which was smallest I can make with saw-blade I had so for comfortable cut make it bit bigger.
You need desk top and to leg panels. Cut leg panels as on image. I made first middle cut and then from that cut 3 parts for legs.

Step 2: Connecting

Picture of Connecting
To connect all parts you'll use 18 hinges. Left image shows outer side of leg and right inner side of it. After connect legs to desktop with 2 hinges each.

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gudenuf2 years ago
Absolutely b. brilliant! Clearly explained and a great design. I'm going to make one.
The one small change I would make is to change the position of the hinges so that they are inside the joint and not lay on. Then they will be invisible.
Seems like a good idea, but if you try to put the hinges on the other side, then the legs won't fold down against the table top. They have to be on the opposite side from the hinges connecting to the table top, which means they will always be visible.
I didn't explain very well. I make a lot of boxes with lids and the hinges can be fitted on the back of the box, Face fitted, as you have them. Or they can be fitted on the edge of the box and the edge of the lid. This way the hinge is hidden when the box is closed.
I hope the sketch shows better than words. They are harder to fit (you should inset the hinges) but it's a lot neater. The hinges have to be equal to the thickness of the boards so you may need two instead of one. Alternatively a piano hinge which fits on the edge but goes right across the width of the boards.
naopak_lik (author)  gudenuf2 years ago
Nice idea. I was thinking of that but hinges I had with me were too big. It would look better like that I am sure. Thanks for comments and do not forget to vote. :)
I have voted.
One point with the edge mounted method, I forgot to mention - is that the screws will go into "end grain", and will not be very strong.
There are many solutions to this, e.g using plugs, or cross drilled dowels, or even setting the screws in epoxy resin or Araldite. But then you can never get them out!
FrankR25 months ago

Thank you. I'm modifying the concept for my daughter. She needs collapsing table to display her product at quilt shows. It will be 60" wide and 30" high.

I will substitute legs for the flat panels with cross members. Additionally, there will be a shelf down below sitting on top of the cross members. Will post a pic when I'm done. Thanks.

Brilliant instructable that my partner and I could really do with building! Really helps with saving space as we live in a very small flat! Looks great aswell! Good work! Dave
SIRJAMES091 year ago
this is just absolutely AWESOME!!!!!

have you thought about selling these? I think you could make some decent $$$$$ from these tables.

TY for sharing.
MomicaMamin2 years ago
Excellent idea and i like the way it looks! I could really use one of those ...
shannonlove2 years ago
Nicely done. This would make good portable workbench or tool stand design. The legs crowding the interior under the table are a slight detriment in a table meant to be sat under but for a workbench they provide a benefit by keeping the surrounds clear for movement. There are quite a few fold flat or compact wooden workbench designs out there but I don't think any have as much potential as this one.
naopak_lik (author)  shannonlove2 years ago
Thanks for nice comment. Do not forget to vote. All nice feed back inspired me to think about more things I could make and also to think why I did not put other thing online too. Thank you
profpat2 years ago
great instructable!
naopak_lik (author)  profpat2 years ago
Thank you a lot. Do not forget to vote :)
ljacoby7142 years ago
Table looks very cool. What's a Banach?
naopak_lik (author)  ljacoby7142 years ago
Sorry it was spelling error. "Work bench" English is not my native language. Thanks for noticing, I'll correct it. If you like it please vote
Hobbler2 years ago
I like this a lot. Great idea
naopak_lik (author)  Hobbler2 years ago
Thank you a lot. :) Support means a lot since it is my firs tutorial but there will be more. Please do not forget to vote. Thanks.
nottauser2 years ago
I love the concept and have been thinking of building something simuler to fit acrossed my lazyboy and fold up love seat, thanks for your inspiration
naopak_lik (author)  nottauser2 years ago
Thank you for nice comment. I am glad to help. Please vote :)
ixtacoatl2 years ago
voted for this. very nice!
naopak_lik (author)  ixtacoatl2 years ago
Thank you very much :)
subrotos2 years ago
This is a stunning design! It's easy to make, looks wonderful, and you have explained everything so clearly. Inspiring. Voted and favorited . . .
naopak_lik (author)  subrotos2 years ago
Thank you so much for nice words and support :)
This is one of the best ideas to make a really nice portable table. Is it as sturdy as it looks?
naopak_lik (author)  spiritwalker61532 years ago
It is really stable. I was not sure how is it going to be when I thought of it but after making it I realise it is sturdy design. Thanks for your nice comment, do not forget to vote :)
Myrdydd2 years ago
Nicely done! Favorited for later use!
naopak_lik (author)  Myrdydd2 years ago
Thanks, please vote too. Your comment means a lot :)
kerns2 years ago
Awesome. Well made and very well documented.

It occurs to me that you could make the top/legs interface modular with some removeable pegs, plus maybe a hook & eye bolt pair per side of each leg assembly, and thus make a desk/table/trestle as wide as you like. Maybe another leg assembly for the middle if you made a very wide top.

Again, very well done! I used to live in a studio apartment and always love to see well executed space saving projects.
naopak_lik (author)  kerns2 years ago
Thanks for comment and more ideas. I am sure there is place for improvement that is point of public domain licence. We can together make it much better. Please vote :)
tantoharry2 years ago
Yery well thought out solution to an age old problem (living in small spaces).
Love the fact that you used an old it new life. Re-purposed items are a big hit with me.
naopak_lik (author)  tantoharry2 years ago
Thanks for nice words, please vote. Lot of nice feed back I really making me think why i did not post other stuff too. But I will form now on. Thanks again! :)
Judith7562 years ago
Wonderful, space saving, economical, well done instructable. Thanks for the creative mind you have to figure this out and execute it so nicely.
naopak_lik (author)  Judith7562 years ago
Thanks for kind words in our comment. Do not forget to vote for this design :)
jwebsd2 years ago
Absolutely the most brilliant piece of furniture I have seen anywhere on the web. I say that as a furniture maker! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
naopak_lik (author)  jwebsd2 years ago
Thanks, means a lot especially coming from professional. Please vote. Thanks again
Ohhhh! Daddy_liiiike.
naopak_lik (author)  general_wutangchang2 years ago
Thanks :) Please vote if you like it
chuckyd2 years ago
Brilliant planning and working out. The next level would be to use wood hinges, instead of metal.
wood hinges would be self limiting in lifespan. Instead Complimentary colored piano hinge would be a better choice, as they would be less obtrusive and much stronger
naopak_lik (author)  sschoemann2 years ago
That is good idea. I was thinking about them but this hinges were much cheaper and I did not know how would it work. But now that I known I would spent more money on them.

Thanks for comment and please vote :) thansk
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