Picture of Foot operated log splitter
My relative Ken was in need for a log splitter. I made one up for him, using a cheap bottle jack and various bits of stuff I already had lying around. The resulting splitter is foot operated and capable of splitting logs of various sizes.

Although this project falls in the category of Redneck projects, it is still important to think of safety. For example, I did not only look away when grinding steel, but I also squinted my eyes at the same time! *

Richard Tegelbeckers

* Just kidding: WEAR GOGGLES!!!

Step 1: Main frame

Picture of Main frame
For the main upright I used a section I salvaged from a store display unit. It has holes along it's length, which will be useful for adjustment purposes. I also used 25X50 rectangular box and 50x50 square box, which I recovered from other redundant fabrications. I did sketch up the main frame and sliding block before making them. After completion of the frame and the slider, I did not make use of any drawings and made it all up as I went along.

try using a small i-beam that will give u your strenght plus being kept light wieght

hubertnick22 years ago
would a 4lb diamond shaped wedge work on this?
RTegelbeckers (author)  hubertnick22 years ago
I have no first hand experience using such a wedge. However, I believe such a wedge would be made out of heat treated, high carbon steel. As such it could be a bit troublesome welding it. Not impossible, but it might be easier just welding a couple of plates into a wide wedge shape and grinding a sharp cutting edge onto it.
Botanikas2 years ago
after watching video only one thing comes to my mind: you need to protect your nuts when operating this splitter :D
RTegelbeckers (author)  Botanikas2 years ago
With small logs, having a cross section similar to the size of the wedge, the pieces will jump sideways. Larger sections tend to stay in place. Still, Ken will be wrapping a bungee around the logs, for the reason u pointed out...
Marco Maas2 years ago
Where are the times that men swearved with axes?

Nice job!
RTegelbeckers (author)  Marco Maas2 years ago
Step into the modern times... ;-)

Thanks Marco!
Vika842 years ago
Brilliant as usual! :-) Good luck in this contest!
RTegelbeckers (author)  Vika842 years ago
Thanks hun!!! :-D