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msouthwood2 years ago

Hi, unfortunately I don't have access to a 3d printer to make the plastic parts you have in your deltatrix how to. is there any way I could purchase a set off you?

RTegelbeckers (author)  msouthwood2 years ago
Hi. At the moment I am working on supplying the kit rewards for my recent Kickstarter campaign. I will soon start a new campaign, when it wil be possible to pruchase a set of parts. Thanks for your interest!
Mr_Anderson4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project!

I want to make something very similar to your machine in a couple of years after i gain some more experience. Did you use SW to design the machine??

RTegelbeckers (author)  Mr_Anderson4 years ago
At work I use SW for 3D design. I also have a personal copy of AutoCAD R14, with which I am very handy as well. I have used both softwares for the design of machinery in 3D.

I published the design for my large CNC machine on the instructable in step 6, as AutoCAD 3D and ACIS model. If you use SW, you can import the ACIS model and use the geometry as-is or you could use feature recognition.

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can also contact me straight by email: richard[at]tegelbeckers[dot]com

Good luck with designing/making your own machine!