Picture of Garden Tool Rack
This is a guide to making a cheap and simple garden tool rack. This one is for my dad's shed and keeps all the tools safely of the floor.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
The rack was made from the offcuts from the framework of the shed its standard studwork timber (38mmx63mm).

32mm spade bit
Pillar drill
Compound Mitre Saw
Wood Stain or your choice of finish
Centre Punch
Pencil or marking knife
Thank you so much for this!

This weekend my husband and I made these with a few modifications.  We already had a 2x4 mounted to the wall for mounting clothesline hooks, so we notched the boards to accommodate it which actually made for a handy rail for mounting.  Then we notched the bottom of the boards to make securing them easier.  Making 4 of them and spacing them 18" apart gave us more flexibility as far as the variety of tools we're able to hang.

Again, thank you!  We're in love with our new storage!

Good idea to go with 4 uprights. What center on center spacing did you decide on for the angled slots? Thanks!

Good ideal. In the United States, where we're still stuck in the metrology Dark Ages, wall studs are normally spaced 16 inches (406.4 mm) on center. By doing what you did, the rack will accommodate short, D-handle tools as well.

Your spades are very American :)
What makes a SHOVEL American? :P
Ours are flatter and less pointy.
Oh. That's weird. My favorite shovel is the one with the green head since it can move a lot of dirt, but we do have a flat shovel and a drain spade.

For what it's worth, our garden forks are made in England. :)

The technical term for what you call a "flat shovel" is most likely a "transfer shovel" — square tip, flat bottom and upturned sides. It's not meant for digging. The purpose of a transfer shovel is to move loose material, such as sand and gravel, e.g., scoop it up from a pile on the ground and put it into a wheelbarrow, etc.

transfer shovel.jpg
pudtiny (author)  AngryRedhead1 year ago
In England traditionally Spade = flat blade for digging and a Shovel = deeper wider blade for moving loose material. By changing the head shape to a point instead of the wide blade you now have a digging tool that can hold a lot. The long handle is great for less strain on your back I find.
That makes sense because I call the flat headed ones "spades" as well but lump them all together as shovels. :P

I learned a really neat trick on "Gardening By the Yard" where you can determine how much soil a shovel can move by placing it on the ground and standing on the head. The steeper the angle, the more soil it can move. So if the handle barely leaves the ground, it's not going to move much. I tested it out on my shovels, and go figure that my favorite shovel has the steepest angle.

Just sharing because I think it's a really neat trick. :)
pudtiny (author)  AngryRedhead1 year ago
Great tip, thanks for sharing
This is great! thank you for sharing!
pudtiny (author)  AngryRedhead1 year ago
Nice job, glad I could inspire you
gaximus made it!1 month ago
Just finished it.
Slim! made it!3 months ago
This was an easy solution that took almost no time at all for me. I had to use a circular saw for my cuts so it's not as clean looking, but it's a shed, right? Next time I'm going to make the slots a little bigger as some of my handles are too big.
pudtiny (author)  Slim!3 months ago
sheds are about practical not pretty, so if it works that is all that matters.
dwalters4 made it!3 months ago
Simple consent and easy to make. a quick afternoon project to clean up my garage. after the picture I added my snow shovel to it as well. Thanks for the guidance.
pudtiny (author)  dwalters43 months ago
thanks, is always nice when people appreciate your ideas.
GingHeskett4 months ago

Thank you! I can't wait to have the opportunity this summer to attempt to make it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

dhenderson9 made it!6 months ago
awesome! here's my finished rack. it's free standing because I didn't want to drill into my stucco.
pudtiny (author) 2 years ago
This one made it over to Lifehacker:

How exciting
sunshiine2 years ago
This is something my husband would make! Thanks for sharing!
DoDo7292 years ago
Simple, effective and brilliant, good job. Works a hell of a lot better than standing them in the corner. Thanks for the submission.
pudtiny (author)  DoDo7292 years ago
ilpug2 years ago
Great simple design, very effective. I made one like it for my bows a a few years back.

Now you will always know where the hoe's at.
P71Ryan2 years ago
Awesome idea, I was thinking of just cutting 2x4's diagonally and mounting them in the same fashion. This is very clean though.
This came out great! I may try a tiny version to hold some of my knitting tools!
pudtiny (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
it should be easy to scale, post a photo if you do
rimar20002 years ago
Good work! All tidy and aesthetic.
pudtiny (author)  rimar20002 years ago