Step 9: Fiddly Bits: Warts and All

The last bit of accessorizing for our peculiar friend here is an assortment of bumps. These are easily achieved by dipping some newspaper into the flower paste, soaking it up good, mashing it into a ball and then sticking to your monster's face like a giant spit-wad. The bump can then be papered over like any normal feature, and will dry quite firm and hard.

And that's it! Let the mask dry, then feel around it for weak spots that need reinforcing. Once satisfied at the monster's structural integrity, I gave the mask a coat of white primer and sent it off to the kids, who had quite a makeover in mind...
<p>hahaha Yeah the color isn't what you would expect to be but these kids are having an awesome time. Well done man and thanks. This is a great help</p>
so great, and in my opinion that paint job is flawless!
That is great! Good job with the children. I bet they loved it.
What do your real eyes look like inside the mask? It would be nice to see a picture of it being worn.
Wish I could help! But I gave the mask to the kids as soon as the construction was finished, and even I have never seen it worn!
hey, nice mask <br>i'm looking to make one of my own and i have this &quot;strong white bread flour&quot; <br>is this the right flour <br>thanks
As far as I know, any white flour will work fine. I know I have used Bread Flour and All-Purpose flour, and I have never had a problem!
Hurray for Montessori!<br />
&nbsp;Oh! haha! I thought -until step 5- that the two holes were really .. the eyes! (and of course I didn't notice the obvious huge balls on the side). Nice little project!
<p>Im so excited to make this mask, thank you so much for putting the cool mask on the web</p>
&nbsp;You are so welcome! &nbsp;Just promise to show me your pictures once you finish, okay?
Will do hopefully before halloween <br />
I dont know if I did something wrong, but my paper mache mask was very stiff. It might have been my mixture. How exactly do you cut a hole in the paper mache? It was very hard to do and came out jagged. What tool do you use?
A razor or knife would be ok.
Hey, you got featured on this Halloween mask thing, congratulations!
Wow, cool! Thanks, I hadn't even noticed!
I thought that this was the most amazing mask, until I saw that you let pre-schoolers paint it! Then I just thought it was super double fabulous and amazing! Way to go! We need more people like you playing with kids!
Thanks, you're sweet! I thought it was pretty cool too, I just wish I had been able to hang out with all of them and talk more about how I made it!
That is beautiful mask, you beautiful man. 5 stars!
You're only saying that because of our genetic similarity!
Wow.... thats awesome!
Thanks! I believe the kids thought so, too. Unfortunately, what with the rather strict policies at the Montessori schools, I never actually got to meet them.
Yeah, the Onion rules!!
Very Gabriel-era Genesis-esque...NICE!!

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