Harry Potter - The Weasley's Burrow Gingerbread House

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There is no denying that I am a proud Harry Potter nerd. Honestly, Ten years or more of my life has been spent being involved in that story whether through the books or the movies so I thought I would make a tribute to the best building in the whole series: The Weasley Family home or more formally “The Burrows”.   I love it because it has an amazing DIY feel to it.  Much like myself, they are on a close budget, they have to make do with things that are not perfect or they make it work somehow. Mrs. Weasley makes her family home knit sweaters for Christmas and they reuse books and clothing,  just like me!  In my mind that house is kept together with magic, duct tape and love.

I am not an excellent cook, but I do like to bake. This gingerbread house, which I actually made a year ago, is the first gingerbread house I have made as an adult. I remember making them as a child with my mother and adding a lot of white icing and gumdrops and loads of sugary bits. However my gingerbread house is not about the candy it's about the gingerbread. Lots and lots of tasty Gingerbread.
This house stands at just about 2'-9" tall and used 4 double batches of gingerbread to create.  I also changed the spice equation on my grandmother's recipe to be heavy on the cinnamon, light on the ginger, with a little added nutmeg and no cloves.

As I mentioned above, I did make this gingerbread house a year ago, and not knowing I would be entering it into this contest or onto instructables, I did not take the kind of photo documentation that the folks here at instructables are accustomed to. I put my thinking cap on and decided to use my other skills to attempt to make up for that.  I did an approximation of my template for this gingerbread house on AutoCAD and to help demonstrate the steps I painted some watercolour renderings. It's a bit of an artistic instructable! Why not!?

This baking endeavour took me 40 hours, a fair bit of money and ingredients as well as a small piece of my sanity! I do a lot of crafting, embroidery and craft swaps and this was not in my regular arsenal of skills so it was a major challenge for me. If want to see what I usually spend my time doing - you are most welcome to peruse my blog at your discretion.


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satoko685 months ago
Absolutely phenomenal! Seriously, you should be very proud of this creation!
KateyF6 months ago

Wow, this is amazing! I attempted a gingerbread Hogwarts castle last year (that somewhat turned out) but this is so much more impressive! Great job!

thehbird1 year ago

I really hope you didn't eat this it is so beautiful

Every year around the holidays I come back and stare at this, haha. IT'S PERFECT
igymnast91 year ago
But still cool
igymnast91 year ago
That house burned down
Lorddrake2 years ago
hehe .. just saw it on 9gag and knew right where it was from.
Way Cool!
lemondedis3 years ago
en un mot... heu... "superbe" ?... "magnifique" ?... je ne sais pas... mais j'ai bien peur de ne pas oser me présenter pour le prochain concours : qu'est-ce que je pourrais faire de mieux ?!?... rien...
vraiment, j'adore !!!... où avez-vous trouvé le "dessin" de base ?... je n'ai lu que des romans (non illustrés), mais j'ai souvent été déçue des illustrations que j'ai pu voir, même dans les films : ça ne ressemblait jamais à ce que j'avais imaginé !... alors que là... j'y suis !... je "reconnais" le "Terrier" (nom donné en français), je suis chez les Weasley !... je m'attends à voir Arthur traverser la cour... Harry, Ron et Hermione préparer leurs plans dans un coin... et Molly sortir pour voir quelles bêtises les jumeaux sont en train de préparer !...
en plus du travail que cela représente (y compris les jolis dessins et aquarelles !), de la créativité, de tous les "efforts", matériels et techniques, avant tout, vous m'avez fait rêver !!!... alors, merci !...
mezcraft (author)  lemondedis3 years ago
Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles. S'il s'agit d'une mauvaise traduction, c'est parce que je suis en utilisant "Google Translate" pour vous envoyer une réponse. La "base" dessin est des films, en particulier le dernier film de Harry Potter. Quelques idées ont été simplement imaginé et j'ai été un peu limitée avec ce que je pouvais faire avec "Gingerbread", mais il avait beaucoup de plaisir à faire et je suis si heureux que ça vous a plu.
MrsDJE3 years ago
Not only do you WOW me, but you also share the wonderfully detailed "how-to's". You are my hero!
Bruce12123 years ago
This is the coolest use of shreddies I have ever seen. I am a big fan of the shreddies.
ooda553 years ago
Nice illustrations!
mezcraft (author) 3 years ago
I just wanted to thank everybody who voted for me! I was totally blown over by this! Thanks so much! You are all awesome - 10 random bonus awesome points for everybody!
sauwen3 years ago
This.. is.. awesome.. :)
An incredible feat of architecture! Fantastic!
AUG-5OM33 years ago
wow that's amazing!
Allmusic3 years ago
Hey Mezcraft: Had to get in my vote! Aunt Debby. Your Ginger bread house of the Weasle's is fantastic.
mezcraft (author)  Allmusic3 years ago
Thanks Aunt Debby!
This is amazing! I just love the illustrations you've used! It really brings the recipe to life! (corny right?) This is the most amazing gingerbread house I have ever seen!
mezcraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thank you very much! I think the drawings themselves have a good level of corniness to them as well, so corny is totally appropriate!
Yay corniness!!,
A great solution for not taking pictures while making it. Great illustrations! Love the house
I love it! You are very creative and you did a great job of bringing your imagination to life. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Maybe a book of gingerbread houses :)
mezcraft (author)  internethotspot3 years ago
I do keep looking at every house and wondering how to make it out of gingerbread... It can get addictive.
sleeepy23 years ago
I think your artwork illustrating the project is as impressive as the project itself! Outstanding!
mezcraft (author)  sleeepy23 years ago
Thank you very much! Some of them I had a bit too much fun doing...
HollyHarken3 years ago
Fantastic!! I too loved the watercolors of your process. You have a great deal of talent and creativity. Pre building out of foam core is genius! Keep up the good work!
mezcraft (author)  HollyHarken3 years ago
Thanks very much! I wasn't really sure about the watercolours, because everyone on here takes such fantastic photos of their work, I am very pleased to see that they were enjoyed! The foam core is really great because it is about the thickness of the gingerbread, so you really a get a true idea of how things are going to fit together!
SIN_Sarah3 years ago
this is amazing, well done
mobiledeb3 years ago
WOW! Amazing! Stupendous! Out of this world!
aliciacar3 years ago
I am speechless, go on creating, you are great!!!
turfolist3 years ago
Its a beautiful!!!
I'll bet you have a wand and an owl brings your mail. This is astonishing. Brilliant!
tylercard3 years ago
woah. all I have to say is woah.
marmijka3 years ago
Cool! You are MASTER!
gmoon3 years ago
I think it's brilliant...
thingy3 years ago
Very talented. You win the internet today.
Hope you enter the Gingerbread contest in Asheville, NC; you'd win!
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