Spells and charms are not uncommon at our house.
Only usually they are performed with a carrot,
a chopstick or something like that.
So we made Magic Wands!

You need Cardstock Paper. (about 65 lb.)
Also, tons of hot glue. 
We used about 5 sticks for each wand.

Step 1: Immobulus Paper!

Roll your paper into a tight tube.  One end slightly larger than the other.
Hot glue in place.
Great I did this one for a gift and couldn't get to a craft store improvised painting it with shoe polish nail polish markers and mixing old acrylic paints to make some brown. I did have some modge podge to seal. I just got into Potter so not sure how accurate but I am proud. Thank you great Instructable!
<p>can you make it with normal glue</p>
This is awesome! I want to try and make something similar. Not sure when though. Makes you want to be a kid again. Thanks for sharing! <br>Sunshiine
Awesome idea! Love the pink one, what did you put in the end?
Thanks! We love these too! My daughter convinced me to let her put a lego crystal in the end of hers...and since we got a box full for free, I let her! :)

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