Picture of Harry Potter Wizard Magic Wands DIY!
harry potter wands finished painted runes.jpg
wand of summoning wizard duels harry potter.jpg
hot glue gun magic wands diy.jpg
Spells and charms are not uncommon at our house.
Only usually they are performed with a carrot,
a chopstick or something like that.
So we made Magic Wands!

You need Cardstock Paper. (about 65 lb.)
Also, tons of hot glue. 
We used about 5 sticks for each wand.

Step 1: Immobulus paper!

Picture of Immobulus paper!
Roll your paper into a tight tube.  One end slightly larger than the other.
Hot glue in place.
sunshiine2 years ago
This is awesome! I want to try and make something similar. Not sure when though. Makes you want to be a kid again. Thanks for sharing!
Awesome idea! Love the pink one, what did you put in the end?
doodlecraft (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! We love these too! My daughter convinced me to let her put a lego crystal in the end of hers...and since we got a box full for free, I let her! :)