In the Extended Universe of Star Wars, the Holocron is a sort of AI-assisted, telepathically-operated, information storage device. And, sure, you can build a prop version (there's even a kit). Or you can do a fancy version with a real flash drive, especially if you, like I, can say; "I Made it at TechShop."

Step 1: "Chewie, Hand Me That Hydro-spanner"

Materials needed for this project:

1/8th Acrylic sheet in pale blue and dark blue transparent (sourced from Tap Plastics)
Rustoleum Hammered-Finish metallic

Thumb drive
A cheap USB cable to hack up (I got one for a buck at Urban Ore)
Super-bright LED (I chose to go a bit more elaborate with the lighting circuit, as will be described later in the Instructable).

Tools needed:

Basic electronics tools (soldering iron, needle nose pliers, etc.)
Bondo Spot Putty (or similar)
Acrylic Cement (I got a tube from Tap Plastics)
A laser engraver

There is an existing kit (for technical reasons I can not supply a direct link, but a search for "Jedi Holocron" should pull it up); this kit has pre-cut acrylic pieces and all you need to supply is paint, glue, and the electronics.

I modified my kit extensively, to the point where I was practically lasering my own. Which is more fun to do anyhow so that is what this Instructable features.

<p>New design is almost done -- and will be offered as a kit at the RPF! Main changes are integrated cutout for micro-USB, snap-fit notching for easier fit-up whilst gluing, and 4&quot; nominal outer dimensions. Plus new patterns in the design, of course.</p>
<p>hi there. great instructable. i wanted to ask you if you are able to put a electronic kit together for a sith holocron. i want to have a deep red pulsing led with maybe a lightning effect and the capaitance on switch. i also would like the usb and charging too. </p>
<p>Looks awesome, i'm going to make my own in school for my systems tech class, with my own twist to it. would you mind emailing me so i can exchange my illustrator box file with you, and get some feedback? Jackdi@bgs.vic.edu.au</p>
No prob -- nomuse@earthlink.net, also I'm a frequent contributor at the Replica Props Forum.<br><br>As it happens, I've been pushing (against a lot of other work) to complete a new holocron kit, and I've made several changes. Big one being I designed the parts properly so they lock together and will hold their shape while being glued. Also re-designed the magnet, and working up a custom PCB for the lighting now.<br><br>Thread is here: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=234452&amp;page=2<br><br>One thing I discovered very late in the day is there is actually free software (browser based) to construct the patterns for a box. Which would have saved a lot of time drawing little notches in InkScape!
<p>thanks alot, ive completed it myself and porud to say it doesnt look too bad. thanks for the instructable to help me</p>
<p>Post some pictures somewhere...heck, drop by the RPF (its a fun place for prop builders).</p>
<p>amazing work! But what if I want to make it without the USB? Only with switch on and off. {sorry if I sound stupid;)}</p>
That's simple enough. For this one, I cut a slot for the cable, but you don't have to do that. It has an internal Lipo battery, and a tilt switch, and one face is held on with super magnets.<br><br>So you can switch it off just by turning it &quot;upside down,&quot; and to recharge the battery, you pull open the one face, unhook the battery, and put it in a charger.<br><br>And if you are going to do it this way, you can skip the Lipo and just power the LEDs/Arduino off a 3-pack of AAA batteries.
I have have tried clicking on them and nothing. if you would email them to me I would be great full.<br>thanks. tk768@earthlink.net
I mailed you a zip file.<br><br>As a general response to everyone, now that my files include my own shell design, I will happily accept commission to run off one of these in kit form -- plastic not painted or glued, electronics assembled (if any). And will customize the graphics as well, within reason and practicality.
could I please get a copy of the files. my email is tk768@earthlink.net. <br>thanks
All the laser files (in raw Illustrator format) are on the first page of the Instructable. Including a custom new outer shell I made just for this Instructable.<br><br>If you want the software, I can send a copy. And you can laugh at my variable names.
<p>So this is what win looks like</p>
<p>cool, thinking of making something similar myself, only its going to be a hub with built in storage :D</p>
<p>cool, thinking of making something similar myself, only its going to be a hub with built in storage :D</p>
<p>Why have a USB wire coming out? why not just a use USB socket? Better still - micro USB...</p>
I would have, had I designed the shell myself. But the design didn't permit the size of any of the USB sockets I had been able to find, and drilling holes in narrow pieces of cut acrylic is asking for trouble.<br>
<p>This should help:</p><p>Adjusted design files for an entire holocron. When moving to Illustrator or otherwise sending to laser cutter, check the outer dimensions; the largest square of the &quot;shell&quot; should be 4.125&quot;, and the largest square of the &quot;engrave&quot; should be 1/4&quot; of an inch smaller than that. Plus a margin for easier fit-up.</p><p>Since acrylic is only nominal dimensionally, you will still need a little sanding or fill to fit the end pieces.</p>
<p>I am waiting for a Sith Holocron, sir......I've always found the AI of these dark side relics to be more direct. Excellent 'ible.</p>
I'll gladly share my Illustrator files, even my garbage code, with anyone reading the Instructable. But I don't know how to put them inline with the Instructable itself. Do you have any ideas?
use drop box and put the share link in your intractable at the start. like this stock photo i have.<br>https://www.dropbox.com/s/g30m576ktrd4f1j/test.jpg
<p>or email them to me at calebjdaveport@gmail.com</p>
<p>Turns out I can do zips inline. I looked through my files, though, and there was a LOT of corrections I did at the laser workstation that didn't get copied back to the working files. I'm going to see what I can do.</p>
<p>Yeah...I got so much job-related traffic moving in and out of my dropbox already it just doesn't feel like a good solution for such wide public dispersement. Something like github would seem to make more sense.</p><p>On a one-by-one basis, I can just email. Be tonight before I can go through the mess I made of my various files and send you what seems to be the most current.</p>
<p>I need to re-iterate and underline.</p><p>There is a commercial kit. It is not made by me. For technical reasons I can not supply a direct link but he advertises using the phrase &quot;Jedi Holocron&quot; (and also &quot;Sith Holocron.&quot;)</p><p>His was the original inspiration to make a box out of laser-cut acrylic, and the outer shell (the part painted copy in mine) is from his kit. My own files only cover the interior parts of the box.</p>
<p>Ooh, I wanna do one and cram an arduino board with a bluetooth connector in. </p>
Dear Sir. This a great piece you have created. I am a Star Wars fan. I would like to talk to about customization and different styles of Holocrons.
<p>very cool. totally beyond anything i could ever do. but awesome. what would you have to charge if you made and sold these? (which i doubt you could because the lucas team of lawyers would have you in chains and thrown to a sarlacc in less than an imperial minute, but hey.)</p><p>also, here's a challenge for you to keep that laser busy. make some christmas decorations along a similar idea...no USB necessary. small, tree ornaments and large, outdoor ones. :) the kiddies would love it and you could show off your skills to the neighborhood!</p>
<p>Dude! That is totally awesome. </p>

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