Homebuilt Seal installer: Install any seal without special tools for less than a buck!

Picture of Homebuilt Seal installer: Install any seal without special tools for less than a buck!
Seals are an important part of just about anything mechanical, and they usually need a "specail" tool to be installed because they are in an awkward spot.  Its also important to have the right tool to prevent them from tearing.  With a simple roll of electrical tape and some care- you can install any seal with out spending big bucks to buy special tools that fit maybe one or two seals.

This was one of the few times in my life I had a *lightbulb!* moment and still feel pretty proud of it, so here it is!  My lightbulb moment happened while I was rebuilding a set of forks for one of my motorcycles.  The seals are fairly large and no standard seal tool is going to reach the 3+ feet around the fork tube to be able to press the seal in.  The "correct" tool for the job costs between $150 and $300, and works by clamping on to the fork tube.  Follow along, and I'll show you how to save some money and toolbox space!

This instructable is specifically for a motorcycle fork leg, but it could be used for a crank seal in an engine, an oil seal in a pump, or just about anything.

If I can do things like this with a roll of electric tape, just think what I could do with a SHOPBOT!!!  I've got this idea for an anti-gravity device... No, seriously!
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Get your supplies together.  You need the following:

1 roll of electrical tape
Some type of oil for lubrication

That's it!
Great idea,thanks.And don't forget,"Rubber side down"
aaahotdog3 years ago
I save the tips I like. I'm saving this one, thanks
dasgemuse3 years ago
what bike is that? it is beautiful
dorkpunch (author)  dasgemuse3 years ago
Its an '02 KTM LC4E 640... Although it doesnt have the stock plastics or headlight anymore and this picture the white is photo-shopped on because I was playing with a few different designs. Only picture I had easy access to. It is an absolute BLAST to ride, specially now that the fork seals don't leak anymore!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
I like this solution!