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Everyone has locked themsleves out of their house once or twice. That's why they made those plastic rocks that you can hide your keys in. Of course, now the problem is that burglers, hooligains and your meddlesome neighbor can be on the lookout for said plastic-looking rocks and have instant access through your front door.

I bring you an ultimate solution! Instead of a fake rock that sits there hoping its disguised cleverly enough, why not make something more threatening? Something unapproachable?

A hornets nest is the perfect disguise. It can sit right outside your door, perfectly hidden in plain sight and only the very brave or very foolish would dare mess with it. I personally would not approach a hornets nest, even if I suspected it was fake. That's just not a risk I'm willing to take with my life. Unlike people looking for fake rocks, even if people know to look for fake nests they could very well find themselves accidentally poking a real one!

I'll show you how to make your own nest quickly and cheaply. It'll only cost around $5 total!

Disclaimer: The downside of the nest is if anyone decides to be a good samaritan and eradicate the nest for you.

Step 1: Building the Shape

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I used great stuff to build up the shape of the nest. Its a great tool to sculpt organic shapes, its really light, and easily carveable.

I built up a pile of foam into a corner of a cardboard box. This allows it to take on the shape of the corner that will fit perfectly in any house nook. I tried to shape it as best I could with layers.

Sit back, let it cure (around 18hours). Then simply tear away the cardboard box to leave you with a nest-looking wedge.

Now we need a pocket to hide your keys/treasures. I used an ordinary spoon to carve out a hole large enough to fit my spare keys. I also carved out a smaller hole on the opposite side to make it look like the nest opening.

Great! We are already halfway done!

Step 2: Getting That Authentic Look

Picture of Getting That Authentic Look

Wasps and hornets build their nests with papery pulp, so can we!

I used some newspaper, pulped it up and made my own paper. There are lots of instructions online and throughout instructables on the best way to do this process. I choose to do it the hardest way possible as I lacked a lot of proper tools so I won't recommend my techniqueover a simple google search.

The basic process is tear up paper, put it in a blender full of water, and puree. Start with low settings on the blender first or you'll quickly smell the burning of a stressed and angry blender motor!

Pour the pulp onto a screen (I used a mesh hamper) and sponge out all the water while pressing it flat.

Let it dry a bit but not too much since we still need to shape it around our form. I used a large sheet of my handmade paper to cover the front side of it. After I had a solid foundation I tore strips of paper and layered them from the bottom up. I left the sides and the top where I'll secure it to the wall bare since it won't be seen anyway and it helped cu down on weight. Let dry about 48hours.

Step 3: Outdoor Installation!

Picture of Outdoor Installation!

I sprayed it down with matte clear spray paint to help protect it against the elements.

After experimenting with multiple ways to secure it to brick and cement (Including failed attempts at super glue+velcro and command strips) I found outdoor mounting tape. That stuff wourks great! Admittedly it holds 10lbs so its not really easy to get back down again but at least you'll know its secure! Hopefully you don't get locked out that often...

Slap on some mounting tape strips, remember to hide your valuables, and scope out your location. Remove the tape backing, wedge it up there, and admire the terrifying prop you added to your home decor.



grannyjones (author)2015-11-27

I would like to make a wind chime using about 50 old keys. The real one may or may not be in the chime.

ReginaW21 (author)grannyjones2017-04-19

Good idea. I have all kinds of wind chimes

Pdj79 (author)2015-02-02

I'm going to modify this into a devious geocache container. Never thought about making a fake wasp/hornets nest. Very clever.

ElectroFrank (author)Pdj792016-04-12

Geocache ! Wonderful idea !

Hang on a minute .... what if real hornets build a nest nearby and people start reaching into it for the cache .... ?

JoeS30 (author)ElectroFrank2016-04-14

Live hornets will not build a nest next to another. You see fake ones for sale all over to detour they from taking up home here, or where ever you put the fake one :)

ElectroFrank (author)JoeS302016-04-14

Hi Joe, that makes sense when it comes to real nests.

But is there any evidence to prove that a queen hornet is actually fooled by the sight of a fake nest ? What if they are only discouraged from building by the smell of a real one ? Or by the presence of other hornets ?

JoeS30 (author)ElectroFrank2016-04-14

Great point, I don't have any scientific proof. I'm not sure if any "real" proof is out there. I am just going by the fact that these replicas are available and sold for that purpose. I know I have one hanging on my back shed. I think it unfortunately worked, as I didn't get a return of wasps to my shed, but instead they relocated to the front of the house by the front door, ironically not far from where the one in this instructable is shown. haha.

Pdj79 (author)ElectroFrank2016-04-12

Well it would be at my house so I'd be on the lookout for that. This would be too evil to put somewhere I couldn't actively monitor.

GoofyShan (author)Pdj792015-02-04

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking when I saw this tutorial!

alyon2 (author)GoofyShan2015-02-07

And you two are full of evil intentions

TeresaM7 (author)2016-04-14

I like this idea better than any other I've seen. Great job!

ILykMakin (author)2016-04-12


What I thought you did gave me an idea: I've got a pretty big, old, nest outside in a box.

I'm gonna try spray it with dullcoat, clear, and adhere it to a plastic container and hang that.

ithica2012 (author)2016-04-12

use the fake nest to hide a camera that streams to the cloud.

ithica2012 (author)2016-04-12

use the fake nest to hide a camera that streams to the cloud.

Johenix (author)2015-02-10

What you need is one of those Finnish made "ABO" locks with the keyhole that looks like a "D". (My spelling may be wrong.) They are used on Laundromat washers and dryers and vending machines. You can buy just the lock cylinder and have the local locksmith install them in your existing lock. They also come in padlocks. Also invest in good dead bolt locks.

It sounds like the local "Mountie" is too politically correct to get this gang. Doug and his gang need to be set up- but good.

HandiGirl (author)Johenix2015-02-11

Thankyou for your comment! I will investigate the keyhole with a "D". It is refreshing to know that in the world outside my world, there are people that have had experiences similar to mine and that they are willing to offer practical advice. Thankyou, again.

ithica2012 (author)HandiGirl2016-04-12

If you can find them look for fox security locks they are extremely hard to beat Not sure if there still around or not but they work great.

wireworker (author)2015-02-01


Is this still an ongoing problem? I have MANY ideas on how to deal with this guy, and some of them are legal. Please tell us that rest of the story. Did the police help?

ithica2012 (author)wireworker2016-04-12

A bullmastiff should solve the problem people see a dog that big and will think twice before entering a home the bullmastiff is a quiet very even tempered bread and training is reasonably easy they were bread to protect property by knocking people down and sitting on them till their owner came along. they are very lovable couch potatoes but are very loyal.

HandiGirl (author)wireworker2015-02-02

No! no help from the cops! It has angered me immensely and my respect for cops is very close to zero. The town has hired an ex-cop as a community liaison person, "Jerry" and at first he was interested until he visited "Doug" and his girlfriend, "Heather". All of my life, I have had Aborginal people in my life as friends, neighbours, business associates of my Father, so when I say this, it doesnot mean I hate or despise Aborginal people, but Heather is native and she is playing the "I donot understand this, She (me) must just hate Aborginal people " card. So now, "Jerry" believes I am harassing this "Doug and Heather" out of my prejudice. The last time, Jerry and I talked, he was giving to me that crap. I have endured this "Doug and Heather" routine since July 2001. The previous owner fled from the house b/c Doug was on her case and she was afraid. The previous, previous, owner came by a number of years ago and asked me "how things were going?" He was/is the professional golf pro at the local golf course. He stated that his wife couldnot stomach living here and they moved to the other side of the town (pop: 7,000). So, in summary, since "Doug" moved in to live with "Heather" b/c the neighbours' house belongs to her, he has been spreading himself around. He wants people to believe he is like Bugsy Malone, the gangster. To me, I think he is just a selfish prick.

What actions have I taken, 1) heavy-duty commercial locks and padlocks on outside of house 2) replaced the sagging fence on his side to the maximum allowed height....6 feet 6 inch. 3) went to Facebook and let my Dutch friends become aware so when I drive away, they look in on my behalf and 4) entered in a longterm contract with a security system, which is monitored by "Jerry". 5) indoor cameras in the back porch videoed on a monitor. So, any new ideas, would be appreciated.

Thankyou for your consideration. I really appreciate it. I really do!

wroniec (author)HandiGirl2015-09-10

You wrote that he took the rape but maybe you can install web-camera sending recording directly to one of the cloud services or to hidden media storage. Also web cameras can be very small and installed into something unusual. Also you can try that trick with any kind of resistant paint. I mean like cops used for catching blackmailers. Something that can't be removed quickly form face, arms, etc. Video how you installed this trap with paint also could be an evidence for the police

wireworker (author)HandiGirl2015-02-03

This is going to reveal WAY too much about my character. So in my own defense, let me state that I've only been forced to these extremes twice in my rather long life. However, both times it was both extremely effective and extremely satisfying. 1.) You could go the legal route if you can get statements from the two previous owner that establish an ongoing pattern of behavior.(but that's no fun). 2.) I suggest you go another way. Distraction, Divide and Conquer, and Humiliation. Distract them with problems of their own, then Divide and Conquer - create problems between 'Doug" and "Heather", and then Humiliation - the gossip machine in a small town is a wonderful thing.

Here's a website that will help, and there are many more online now. Use what you know about them and be creative. I am particularly fond of the suggestions involving advertising and reputation which are very effective in a small town. Just be sure it can't be traced to you, i.e. don't use your own computer or phone. Good Luck.

louvers (author)2016-04-12

A Big German Shepard!

ElectroFrank (author)2015-02-01

"changed the locks more than 20 times" ? Now I am curious. Did the police do nothing ?

HandiGirl (author)ElectroFrank2015-02-02


Anthony. (author)HandiGirl2016-04-12

Move then, to a safer area.

muhammajunaid (author)HandiGirl2015-09-19

tape them entering your home hire some street boys and beat the shit out of them next time they enter your home. I am utterly surprised that you had to change locks for about 20 times and police would do nothing!!

Spokehedz (author)2015-02-01

Canadians are really way too nice sometimes...

ethan_hair7 (author)Spokehedz2015-08-03


pyager1 (author)2015-02-02

Nanny cam. Put it inside where it can see the door and a clock. Then call the cops and get them for tresspassing.

Johenix (author)pyager12015-03-25

Or hide a Game Trail Camera in a bird house looking out the little hole at your door.

Our local paper had some nice Game Camera photos of some fellows stealing batteries from farm equipment.

Johenix (author)2015-02-07

Delightful person. I would be severely tempted to introduce him to a bear trap and/or a 12 gage (12 bore if you are English) shotgun booby trap.

The lock you need is a Finnish made "ABO" lock that had a "D" shaped keyhole. (I may have spelled that wrong.)

It is available in padlocks and is often seen on vending machines.

Yard Sale Dale (author)Johenix2015-03-25


explosivemaker (author)2015-03-24

If guns are out I would suggest any number of other instruments. A nine iron, bat, machete, or crowbar would work nicely. Have someone house sit while you leave and if anyone breaks in, give them the business.

HandiGirl (author)2015-02-18

Thankyou PowellMade re: my Canadian problem.
I always feel that parents need to clarify what is theirs and what belongs to others. My daughter has learnt that other people's stuff belongs to those people......she must take, damage, steal, scratch, and touch the stuff: yard, toys, clothes, etc of others. We live in a small community and everything is in arm's reach.
I will consider your suggestion, I will look for those locks as mentioned.
I found that advertising his "selfishness" in my window worked quite well....I told my neighbours that drive or walk by.....we had a thief in the neighbourhood...esp when he came into my house and stole my departed husband's wedding ring. I never got any legal flak about this....but, I took my sign down when they came to take photos of my sign.
Thankyou for your kindness re: my "problem" G'day!

mmd900 (author)2015-02-08

I would be so scared to touch it

alyon2 (author)2015-02-07

Bonus it will keep real hornets away if my grandmother is right about fake nests

Kafukai (author)2015-02-06

I would hide a security camera, but keys fine too :-)

bhscolleen (author)2015-02-04

Should be "and"

bhscolleen (author)2015-02-04

I am so doing this. And the best part is everyone knows I have a "Live an let live" policy so will not suspect a thing.

ArticAkita (author)2015-02-04

Well ever watch monsterquest? A episode on bigfoot these two guys thought a bear was getting in their fishing cabin so one guy decided to use a trick one of his other friends said to try was a 4'x3' sheet of plywood spaced wish sheetrock screws 1"apart, they left for the weekend but what they found was a bloody mess but it never came back! It could of been a bear but YEOW!

ArticAkita (author)2015-02-04

Well ever watch monsterquest? A episode on bigfoot these two guys thought a bear was getting in their fishing cabin so one guy decided to use a trick one of his other friends said to try was a 4'x3' sheet of plywood spaced wish sheetrock screws 1"apart, they left for the weekend but what they found was a bloody mess but it never came back! It could of been a bear but YEOW!

dsantil71 (author)2015-02-03

I say boobie trap ur house like Macaulay Culkin in the movie "Home Alone"!! Have the camera recordings uploaded to a cloud drive. He can't take away, lol. Videotape his friends following u on ur phone. Start stalking them! Take your power back! That's what I say. Karma a B!

ekardell (author)2015-02-02


Jack of Most Trades (author)2015-02-02

I had a suggestion on how to deal with this once and for all, but you're in Canada and guns are illegal up there.

thundrepance (author)2015-02-01

in some fotos, it looks too light, but in others, it looks nice & greyish, like the wasp nest that i once had (`:^0

thundrepance (author)2015-02-01

wow! this sounds exactly like my ex-husband, but it couldn't be, cuz we live in bflo, ny {scary that there's more than one of them}

sogoesme (author)2015-02-01

Very good idea about the electrical shock LOL have a go at this:

The Lightning Stalker (author)2015-02-01

If you go looking around, you will find the wasps and hornets have already built an authentic nest for you. Just evict the wasps and carefully cut out the nest and put it anywhere you need it.

We eagerly anticipate your Instructable on serving a legal eviction notice to a Queen Hornet !-)

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