How to Rearrange Pinterest Pins





Introduction: How to Rearrange Pinterest Pins

In this video I'll show you how to rearrange pins within a Pinterest board.  It's kind of a pain but it can be done if your one of those super organized types of people.  I think Pinterest is a great way of organizing things you like on the internet but I have noticed some major issues with the site over the past few months.  For example I have not been able to create new pins for over a month now.  I hope this problem gets resolved soon.



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    Awesome. Thanks for your help, very much appreciated :)

    Pin4Ever is an extension I use to rearrange my pins. It's not perfect, as it only works with Firefox and no other browser, and sometimes a few of my pins disappear (and they might or might not reappear later in the wrong spot), but it's still the best option. I've already tried moving pins with the Move button on Pinterest, and there seems to be a limit of 50 pins that you can move each day. At that rate, it would take me DAYS to rearrange some of my boards. (And for other people with THOUSANDS of pins on one board, it would take them WEEKS, maybe even MONTHS.) Also, I don't like cloning the pins because then I lose the likes and repins if I delete the old ones.

    A different method, which does the same, but has the advantage that one doesn't have to scroll through the list boards to pick first the Temp board and then the original board again (as described herein), is the following:

    1. Click the red Pin it button of the pin which you want to move to the top. The "Repin a pin" dialogue appears, with the board which you’re currently in being already selected. Click "Pin it". Close the appearing "Repinned" confirmation window through the X icon in the upper right corner (or simply wait for the dialogue to close automatically after approx. 8 seconds).

    You have now created created a clone of the pin, whereas the clone appears at the very top.

    2. Delete the old pin by clicking the "Edit" pencil button of the old pin (if you didn't scroll, it should be very close to its old position, it slightly moves though, as the pins are pushed downward due to the clone pin at the top) and click "Delete Pin" in the appearing dialogue. Confirm the deletion.

    3. Done!

    I personally find this a bit more handy...

    If you don't mind loosing your likes and re-pin #'s like myself who's still new to Pinterest, then this certainly is the way to go. Thanks!

    Yes, that is a bit simpler but you lose your likes and repin #. By creating a temp board to do the moving that information stays intact.

    Thanks for the tip! Was very useful :)

    Thanks Big Nate, its 2015 and they still don't have that button so thanks to you I can re-arrange my boards.

    This video was very helpful to me, being new to Pinterest. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

    I used to work at a job where I had visibility about how databases are structured. Pinterest is a hierarchy. It is like windows explorer with those nested folders. From your view, your Pinterest account is the top folder. But in reality there are layers above it you never see. Every time you move a board, there has to be a corresponding change of database address. That info and confirmation tracks back through levels above your account to the database. When we finally were able to move boards, it created a new "layer of complexity" for the database. Moving pins in the millions each day would multiply the complexity exponentially for Pinterest. Far more than most websites have. I personally do not expect it, given that every layer of complexity adds the risk of system failure.