Picture of How To Turn Your Dog Into A Fish For Halloween

I'm back with another dog costume! This time, I've decided to make a fish costume for Jersey. I think that she's going to be really happy when Halloween is over!

I'm entering this costume into the Halloween contest, so if you like this instructable, please vote. You can see other great costume tutorials like this one on my blog Bloggie Stylish.

As with ANY dog clothing, please supervise your dog while wearing this costume. Practice wearing the costume and walking around it in BEFORE you go out with your dog, that way you'll BOTH have a fun and happy Halloween!


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Step 1: Tools And Supplies You Will Need

Picture of Tools And Supplies You Will Need
This costume was pretty cheap to make and it cost me about $12.00 to buy the craft foam and the webbing. All the other supplies I had handy at home.

You will need five different colours of large pieces of craft foam. Jersey is a 50 pound dog so I needed 2 blue pieces of foam for the body, 2 pieces of orange foam for the head, 3 pieces of yellow foam for the fins, 1 piece of red foam for the fish lips and 1 piece of white foam and black foam for the eyes. You will need more or less foam depending on the size of your dog.

Additional supplies are; all purpose glue, a flexible measuring tape, a marking pen, scissors, nylon webbing with a slide lock attached and a sewing machine.

You can get the craft foam at any craft superstore and the webbing with the slidelock attached to it, I bought at the local "Malmart" in the trailer section.

Step 2: Measuring Your Dog

Picture of Measuring Your Dog
You will need to take three different measurements of your dog.
1 - The full length of the dog
2 - The length from the shoulder blade to the beginning of the hind leg
3 - The length of one side.

Step 3: Making The Dorsal Fin

Picture of Making The Dorsal Fin
On the craft foam that you are making the fins with, free hand draw a dorsal fin for the costume. The "body" measurement for jersey was 12", so I drew the fin 5" long and about 5 inches high. Cut the fin from the foam.
B-Rob Dewey1 month ago
It's a fish FISH Fffffiiiisssshhh
SparkySolar6 months ago

Thank you for your nice instructable.


that was good because the costume worked on my cat as well.
ps. the picture looks good
muskogee4 years ago
is that a red bone coon hound? if it is i have the same dog
Jawa8885 years ago
 Thats cruel I LOVE IT
Man i love all your costumes!
Doggie Stylish (author)  recycled-oxygen5 years ago
when i whip up another for next halloween, i'll post it. i'm always thinking.
It could be possible to make the tail longer, you know?  If your dog has a long tail, you can somehow secure it in the costume's tail.  THen, when ever the dog wags it's tail, it looks like the fish is moving it's tail...

Awesome idea!
Koosie5 years ago
Hhmmm, there's something fishy about this ;->
jackbomber5 years ago
must be a cat-fish retaliating. - sorry coudlnt help it. 
canida5 years ago
Cute costume!  Though I'm not sure it's turning your dog into a fish; more like your dog is being eaten by a fish!