Introduction: How to Make Mini Portable Speaker

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Make Mini Portable speaker For cheap!

You can power up this portable speaker with usb Plug! Its need 3-5Volts!

And you can use this speaker anywhere!

Lets make it!

Step 1: How to Make It!

You need:
- soldering iron

- wire

- 2 speaker 3 watts (you can get free from old TV or Speaker Actives)

- PAM8403 (You can buy this for cheap from internet)

- Audio Jack

-USB cables

- Box (anything you have. I use my homemade box from plywood)

- Powerbank

You can follow the video instruction for easy!

Just follow!

Thanks for look my work!


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Bio: I love writing, I make video in MY UPLOADED VIDEOS channel in Youtube for my instruction, and i love making something.
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